Thursday, June 21, 2012


The internet connection seems to be crawling and I don't know how to fix it. I have three hours more to wait till hubby comes home and so he could check. I will just have to cope with the slow internet connection. At least there is still internet and we can still browse. For me at least I could still do some work before the deadline comes. 

As a friend would put it, it's better for it to be crawling than to have no internet connection at all. Now that would be so frustrating especially when you are trying to get some work done and you need an internet connection.


While most might be surprised if a home has no TV, well after being with Montessori I have come to know a few families who has none or if they have, they never use it especially for their children. 

Well my sister also has no TV at her home. She is often busy with work that when she comes to her own home at night she has no time to watch TV anymore. She is content with her iMac and that is where she watches movies if and when she feels like watching.
I think she is finally planning to buy a TV. I have been wondering if this analog pass-through digital receiver for the TV that I am browsing now is the one that my sister has been talking about the last time we talked about her plan to finally buy a TV set at her home. With this receiver, one can watch high quality digital TV broadcasts for free on your old analog TV as long as you have a converter box and an indoor or outdoor antenna. Well I will let my sister decide for after all it's going to be her TV.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First PE Uniform

First ever jogging pants of my little guy. We bought this at SM City the other day together with his new Hot Wheels rubber shoes which we also bought at the SM City department store for his PE uniform at the new, big school. 

He is excited to wear them today for their first PE day for the school year. If he was still in Montessori now, they don't have a PE class still in Casa 3 and no uniform so this is new to him now. 

He is now at the new and big traditional school for his Kinder 2 and hoping he will truly learn a lot of good things and always enjoy this new experience.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I keep looking at this stall at the mall selling silver jewelry whenever we get to pass by it. I wanted to drop by one of these days when I am not with the boys or when we are not in hurry to go some place else at the mall. As I am looking now online at these jewelry deals sterling silver bracelets I get to remember that stall in the mall. 

The last time we passed by, two men caught my attention and they seem to be looking for a bracelet to give to a woman. Must be a jewelry gift to someone special in the life of one of them. It is interesting to see those men shopping for silver jewelry for a woman they love and they have friends tagging along helping them choose the right silver for the woman they care and love.  

It makes me wonder if my man would still get to think of buying me a jewelry for a gift even a bracelet that is silver.