Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to School Shopping at Gaisano Mall Davao


It's back to school shopping at Gaisano Mall Davao for those parents who still need to buy school supplies and stuff for their students.  They will have a midnight sale this coming June 2 Saturday so that parents can shop longer and hope they can get great discounts to let them save money from buying school supplies for their children.

I miss shopping for school supplies when I was a young student myself. Seeing this then would have made me really excited to shop and choose my own school supplies. 

It was easier for us that the school supplies were already provided all in a school envelope bag (I mean we bought it at the school as a package already) after we enrolled the little boy in advance two days I think before the scheduled date of enrollment for their K2 level earlier this month. 

We dropped by here yesterday to look for navy blue shorts for the little boy's school uniform. They do not have his smaller size at the atrium display so we went up to the third floor. We got four shorts for him which costs more than we thought a piece.

As for the school shirt uniform, we have to buy that from the school since it has the school logo printed on it. His shirt size was not available during the time of enrollment. We need to go back to the school one of these days or maybe next week when hubby is off from work. 

Michelangelo's David

While I was looking for some electrical stuff to replace some things that need to be done so at home, I found something interesting... I found this one among the electrical switch plates that I was browsing at last night as I was looking for one to replace the switch plate at the bathroom. 

My sisters will really be intrigued if and when I would really buy this one for the bathroom. I think my friend would be more interested because this is actually a work of art that is famous all over the world and would be an interesting decor in the bathroom or in your home when you use this switch plate designed with Michelangelo's David. 

Would you buy it? You might not if you think of it with malice right? Just think of it as a work of art or decor and nothing more!

One Cloudy Afternoon


One cloudy afternoon, I noticed a group of people outside the coffee shop pointing to the sky and I got curious what they might be seeing then. When the little boy asked me to accompany him outside fro awhile, I brought the cam and took a pic of the sky. I do not know exactly what they are looking up out there but I saw these clouds. The one at the bottom caught my attention though because the flow of the clouds seem like they were being sucked in and there is a hole there near the bottom of the clouds. 

Were you thinking Thor would come down from there? LOL! 

For the Guitar

I saw my cousin who loves to play the guitar since we were young at an event in the mall, a musical show. It was a nice surprise to see him there since we have not personally seen each other for quite a long time.

We do keep in touch once in awhile through Facebook but since I am mostly busy, I have not visited or seen them for quite sometime. He mentioned that he was looking for something like that for the new guitar he recently bought. I have seen pedals being used by bands that perform at shows whether it be at the malls or elsewhere. This particular pedal gives a unique approach to generating those same lush swirling tones for the guitar.

Well I hope to see my cousin more often and I hope he finds what he is looking for his guitar.

Friday, May 04, 2012



We bought these marshmallows (colored since there were no white ones which we would prefer or those small or smaller ones than these) at Robinson's Supermarket. We wanted to try adding more of it into the hot double chocolate that hubby and I love to drink recently at one of our coffee shops. 

Our little boy really loved the idea. He even said he will make it like a Junior MasterChef! He likes that show and he is inspired by it to cook, prepare food or even drinks at home or anywhere. Even with just dropping the mallows into the hot chocolate he told me he is mixing it with chocolate like what he hears from and what the "kuyas" do at that show at certain times.

Being Up Early

Being up early in the morning allows me to work more with focus on what needs to be done here at home while the little boy is still in dreamland. I got to canvass for some stuff that my dear sister asked me as a favor for her, plus I was able to find time as well to check on those annuities quotes that one of my elder sisters and my mom was asking me to look into. 

I also got to go through some papers that I had to sort and throw out to lessen the mess on my old table. Speaking of the old table, I suddenly started thinking whether I should finally dispose of it or not as hubby suggested in the first place when we got my new working and dining table in one. So far the old table can still be very useful though the two drawers had been damaged already. I will give it some time to be more useful still while we have kept it inside the unused bedroom in the house.

Coffee Beans

I love the smell of coffee! There is something in it that wakes me up of my senses especially when I start to feel sleepy and tired. 

I thought about coffee when I saw this photo on our files and how nice it would be to have that  the house filled with that coffee aroma. Hubby must have taken it yesterday while the little boy and I went out of CBTL for awhile. 

I would love to smell that flavorful coffee aroma when I wake up each morning! Maybe it's time to have a cup of coffee when hubby comes home from work in awhile. A cup of coffee shared with a loved one makes it all worth the while. *wink*


It is good to know that most supermarkets in the city now have this scanner that customers can freely use on their own. But the mall where we used to do our grocery a few years back probably need to replace the scanner they placed at the center of the supermarket for customer to use in checking the price of items that may not have any tag price on it. It is no longer working and the little boy, who loves to do that task of scanning items to know how much they cost, was the one who found out that it was not working anymore.

Having a barcode scanner has been helpful like for us customers to know the price of untagged items at the grocery before proceeding to the cashier and checkout counter. I don't want to be surprised if not shocked of the price of an item I am not familiar with the price range. There was one time that we bought a toothbrush for the little boy and was I surprised to find out it cost almost four times the price of the usual toothbrush that we used to buy for him. Good thing now we can scan the items first to let us decide if we want to buy it or not. It also makes the process of checking out and paying the grocery items faster these days.