Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Want to Swim

The little boy said yesterday I want to swim Ma. Yes he did remember those times that we headed out to a nearby swimming pool within this nearby area and we spent the whole afternoon there swimming in the pool. 

Yesterday we would have headed out to swim if it had not been a cold weather day especially in the morning. It would have been a great time since there would be less people in the area and especially in the pool. If the resort only had those electric swimming pool heaters best to warm their pool during cold weather days, I guess we would have gone ahead yesterday and swam all day long since it was a Saturday and there is no school on weekend.

Maybe next time when the sun is out and shining, we should give it a go to swim for the little boy. I know he has really been thinking about it especially during weekends when he is home and has no school. Especially when he gets to see again the photos we have taken during our previous visits, he would surely get excited to go for a swim.

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