Thursday, November 22, 2012


I honestly miss the Badjao carolers and their upbeat style of music or whatever it is more appropriately called. And guess what I just heard them playing outside at one of our neighbors' house. I have grown up hearing them going around the neighborhood going from one house to another and they usually start early as soon as the holiday season sets in the city.

Now there are less of them going around. I used to see and hear them along some streets in the city like in San Pedro Street caroling passengers in the jeepneys when the traffic light is in red/stop. It is something that I have grew up with hearing them and as many years go by we see and hear less of them during the Christmas season.

They have somehow become a part of our holidays hearing them with those music that my nephews and I would sometimes dance to inside the house as we listen to them playing outside the house. It seems that there is a part of culture during Christmas that is fading away. I am not really sure if that's something bad or good. 

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