Thursday, November 22, 2012


Save on those as they are one of the few commercial oboe reeds available with the long scrape used by nearly all professionals. I made some reading to know more about these reeds since I am not technically familiar with them though I think I may have seen them before.

They are made with the finest French cane which is sorted, selected and then processed by skilled craftsmen. The reeds are made using the world's most advanced reed machinery. Each of those reeds are being tested
individually and adjusted by hand. Each of those reeds receive some hand scraping before they pass on for final inspection and packed.


I honestly miss the Badjao carolers and their upbeat style of music or whatever it is more appropriately called. And guess what I just heard them playing outside at one of our neighbors' house. I have grown up hearing them going around the neighborhood going from one house to another and they usually start early as soon as the holiday season sets in the city.

Now there are less of them going around. I used to see and hear them along some streets in the city like in San Pedro Street caroling passengers in the jeepneys when the traffic light is in red/stop. It is something that I have grew up with hearing them and as many years go by we see and hear less of them during the Christmas season.

They have somehow become a part of our holidays hearing them with those music that my nephews and I would sometimes dance to inside the house as we listen to them playing outside the house. It seems that there is a part of culture during Christmas that is fading away. I am not really sure if that's something bad or good. 

Looking for a Guitar

When I heard my little boy and two of my nephews showing interest when I mentioned about getting a guitar, I got more interested in looking for one to buy. I am just saving up for one that I found more than a month ago. A few days ago I saw a wide selection of.... and more. They say you can get the guaranteed lowest prices there which I hope I can.

There was one guitar before that I fell in love with and I really wanted to buy that one but since I don't really play the guitar I did not save up for it. Until recently when I saw my son and nephews showed interest in it, I might as well go for it this time around. Who knows they will develop a love for playing guitar especially for my son. I would really appreciate that as a mom.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shop for New Clothes

I need to save up and shop for new clothes. The year is ending and with events here and there sometimes what to wear becomes a concern. I did a shopping spree recently thanks to a free shopping treat by a mall and one of their stores who sponsored me and two other bloggers in that particular store.

I got to try a red blouse but it was kind of small for me and when I look back at the photo I took of myself while trying it on, I said to myself, I really need to buy new clothes to wear something new for the coming year. I just need to save up. May the blessings that will allow me to do extra shopping pour forth. I need to work harder. Then reward myself with time to shop for new clothes... hopefully soon.

Know Your Labor Law

When I was still working and having a sister who works for the labor department, I kept being asked on the wages and labor law. Honestly many employees and workers are not that knowledgeable about the labor law. Even I myself still has a lot to know about it.

In a company, the employees and employers most especially need to know the law. There are labor law compliance posters available to help make sure you and your employees understand what you need for labor law and HR compliance at your company. Actually these so-called compliance materials are important and essential to make sure you are on top of postings, compliance management and training programs required by the labor law. It is good to know your labor law. If you don't then get to know it now.

Day of Rest

It is a Sunday today and is a day of rest. Supposedly but I got work to do and I don't want to rush and panic in a few days time. So I am kind of working on what is supposed to be a rest day. I am free whole day and I plan to spend it at home working and hopefully get some rest in between.

The boys are still sleeping and I am so tempted to crawl back to bed actually. Maybe even for an hour or two until they will wake up and this day gets into full swing.

Hope you will have a relaxing day of rest and spend it well with your family. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! And since Christmas is just around the corner... advance merry Christmas as well!

I Want to Swim

The little boy said yesterday I want to swim Ma. Yes he did remember those times that we headed out to a nearby swimming pool within this nearby area and we spent the whole afternoon there swimming in the pool. 

Yesterday we would have headed out to swim if it had not been a cold weather day especially in the morning. It would have been a great time since there would be less people in the area and especially in the pool. If the resort only had those electric swimming pool heaters best to warm their pool during cold weather days, I guess we would have gone ahead yesterday and swam all day long since it was a Saturday and there is no school on weekend.

Maybe next time when the sun is out and shining, we should give it a go to swim for the little boy. I know he has really been thinking about it especially during weekends when he is home and has no school. Especially when he gets to see again the photos we have taken during our previous visits, he would surely get excited to go for a swim.