Friday, October 12, 2012

Scott's Vitamin C Pastille Mixed Berries Flavor

Scott's Vitamin C Pastille Mixed Berries Flavor

This pack was given to us during a recent event and we tried it for the very first time. It is said to be high in vitamin C and what I like about it is the taste. Given a choice between the mixed berries flavor and the peach flavor, I would choose the mixed berries one. It is delicious and I could eat more than one but since there is a given limit of only two pastilles a day for adults we should take note and follow that. 

I do know there is a limit for intake of vitamin C each day for all of us and that is something I also told hubby about because he ate two of these at one time only. He might think these are just ordinary candy pastilles and more so did I have to explain to the little boy who also wanted more than one since he is allowed only one a day.

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