Friday, October 12, 2012

Hanging Plants

My mom once suggested to me when I asked for an advice since she is better at plants and gardening than me, if I don't want to put plants on the ground, I could consider having those hanging plants that are available in a number of varieties. I tried checking out the best hanging plants I could find in an online garden store and I think I have found some of it. 

I will try one and see if I could maintain keeping it alive for a month then I'll try buying more. I could hang them near the fence perhaps for added outdoor decoration and greenery for our rather small front yard space.

The little boy could even help me take care of those hanging plants and it will serve as his little gardening project to water them when necessary. My mom used to have a few hanging plants in her small garden at home before and when we were still very young we would take turns with my other sibling in taking care of them especially during summer when we are free from school and are at home most of the day.

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