Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piano or Keyboard

Being able to play the piano or keyboard to be more advanced was something that I really wanted to learn when I was in my grade school year. So when an uncle many years ago got a keyboard which the... really reminded me of, I wanted to spend my weekends and summer there. There was a time that he offered to lend me his keyboard and my was I really excited.

Yamaha was a known brand even then and having one gives you an instrument and tool to make music in your hands as they say. There was even a Yamaha school of music that I wanted to enrol in just to be able to learn to play the piano or keyboard which they say was more easier to learn.

At one point I dreamt of having a Yamaha keyboard for myself especially one that has high-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel one's creativity in making music, recording features to capture every brilliant idea.

I used to wish when I was in my high school that my parents will get me one but then maybe I could buy one when I can afford one myself and maybe let my son learn it and if he has a passion for it then I will support him all the way.

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