Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art Time

We used to have art time with the little boy last year but when he moved to another school, our schedule just seem to have changed and became more busy each school day. So I thought we could bring back that art time we used to have and do it on weekends.

I just need to buy new arts and crafts supplies since I could no longer find most of his old art supplies which we used to use during this fun bonding activity at home with my dear little boy. I just want to bring back that creative way of spending his weekends rather than just playing or watching his favorite movie or TV show during weekends. Once our art time will continue once again during weekends, I may try to enroll him in a formal art class at a nearby school.  

I am sure that he will look forward to that as well as this will give him a chance to meet new friends while at the same time having fun which is creative while at the same time her learns something new as well. 

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