Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piano or Keyboard

Being able to play the piano or keyboard to be more advanced was something that I really wanted to learn when I was in my grade school year. So when an uncle many years ago got a keyboard which the... really reminded me of, I wanted to spend my weekends and summer there. There was a time that he offered to lend me his keyboard and my was I really excited.

Yamaha was a known brand even then and having one gives you an instrument and tool to make music in your hands as they say. There was even a Yamaha school of music that I wanted to enrol in just to be able to learn to play the piano or keyboard which they say was more easier to learn.

At one point I dreamt of having a Yamaha keyboard for myself especially one that has high-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel one's creativity in making music, recording features to capture every brilliant idea.

I used to wish when I was in my high school that my parents will get me one but then maybe I could buy one when I can afford one myself and maybe let my son learn it and if he has a passion for it then I will support him all the way.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas Display

With September almost finished, I am sure most department stores have already prepared, arranged and set up their Christmas display.

This is just part of the Christmas display and for sale at one of the oldest department stores in the city. I can only wish to put more Christmas decorations in the house this year but that is not actually practical when you are trying to save up for the holidays. 

I like shopping for Christmas decors here because they usually have a lot of nice choices. It can just be a little expensive that is. But still I love passing and dropping by here just to look at the display of Christmas decors.  

Protecting Your Data

I had a problem logging in one of my social network account earlier this evening and I thought my account was hacked or there was something seriously wrong. It took awhile before I was finally able to log into my account. 

I decided to change my password just to be sure. In this age of technology and internet, it is always important that we prioritize protecting our data. So when I came across a topic about online data recovery, I was immediately reminded that we need to protect our data online whether as individuals or even for companies which especially need a defense against the losses that can cripple their business. With crucial information stored in database that are sometimes accessible online, it helps if the company knows how to protect their data and be able to recover them, thanks to those trusted offsite backups that are now available.

Monday, September 24, 2012

IMAX Is Coming to Town

Yes not just Santa but IMAX is coming to town!

The fifth IMAX in the Philippines will open in Davao this Friday, September 28, 2012. Fortunately we got an invite to the blessing and opening ceremony on the evening of the 27th. Excited yes we are since I have been wanting to watch at IMAX in MOA whenever we travel to Manila but somehow that has always been put on hold. 

Luckily we will be having our own IMAX in the city and it is opening in a few days from now. Avengers in 3D will be the first movie that will be shown. We have actually seen this in 3D in Abreeza when it was shown in town but not with an IMAX experience. It will be a totally different experience and I hope I will truly enjoy my first IMAX experience right here in our own beloved city.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art Time

We used to have art time with the little boy last year but when he moved to another school, our schedule just seem to have changed and became more busy each school day. So I thought we could bring back that art time we used to have and do it on weekends.

I just need to buy new arts and crafts supplies since I could no longer find most of his old art supplies which we used to use during this fun bonding activity at home with my dear little boy. I just want to bring back that creative way of spending his weekends rather than just playing or watching his favorite movie or TV show during weekends. Once our art time will continue once again during weekends, I may try to enroll him in a formal art class at a nearby school.  

I am sure that he will look forward to that as well as this will give him a chance to meet new friends while at the same time having fun which is creative while at the same time her learns something new as well. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We have been wondering what the chips a cafe resto was using as side dish served in its burrito. We liked it since it is not as flavored as the others we have tasted. I do remember having bought the chips at the grocery but has forgotten the brand. So during the last time we were in the cafe, I asked the food server what it was. They said Patata.

I still could not imagine until we visited GMall grocery and found this...
Now I remember it well. I used to buy this a few years ago. Now we bought three of this. But I am controlling our consumption since this is not really healthy. Good for snack food when there is nothing else though honestly I think we should take this not as often as we wish we could. Hubby said it is delicious and I could snack on this yes. But everything should be in moderation right?

Duty Free Philippines

This is the Duty Free Philippines located at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila which I noticed only as we were leaving the mall. We took a quick look at it to see what they have to offer. I took a quick glance at their store display which was really attractive being in a coordinated bright yellow color that one surely would not miss if you glance towards this area before going up the escalator to the second floor of the mall. 

I just remember those Jewelry Showcases display we were looking at an exhibit during the festival last month here in the city. It looks like the one they have at the Duty Free but it was not a DFP store.

I actually liked the look of this Duty Free store. Small as it seems, it was well designed. I am sure it is more fun in the Philippines shopping for take home treats for your loved ones back home.  

photo ©TereRN