Thursday, August 09, 2012

Keep As Souvenir


I was thinking is I want to keep one of these as a souvenir maybe for the Olympics 2012. Yes that's just a crazy idea that I thought of as I stared at this can while waiting for our food at the resto where we had an early dinner yesterday. 

Coca-Cola is said to be an official worldwide partner of the London Olympics 2012 together with McDonalds. They are proud to be the longest continuous corporate partner of the Olympics Games. 

Well there are still many of these cans out there and maybe after the Olympics and there is still one that I could keep then I will keep it as a souvenir for the London Olympics.


With hubby's new work schedule this month, I get time on my own to go and wander on my own. Today I plan to look for strings particularly something like the strings for my cousin. he asked me to look for them at the mall near us since it is more accessible to us. He has been looking for acoustic guitar strings last week and I promised him I will try to look for it at the mall. 

I remember I used to buy my own guitar strings when I was in high school up to college when we still have a guitar that we share with my other siblings. Now there is a sale going on at one of the online stores that I recently found that sells guitars and accessories.I should better tell my cousin to check out those guitar strings and accessories available there on sale now by himself. He knows what he wants better than I do.

Super Duper Spicy Bagnet Express


This was super duper spicy! Since we first tried it once a few months ago, we suddenly thought of trying it once again last night. 

Oh my this was really too spicy! I had to ask for extra ice for my drink just to be able to ease the burning sensation on my mouth especially my lips. I even started to feel a little burning sensation inside my ear. Good thing no smoke came out of it. LOL! I am just kidding but really I could feel like the inner part of my ears was starting to feel the effect of the spiciness of this Super Spicy Bagnet Express! 

Hubby even went on eating the sliced red chili peppers. No I could not dare that anymore. Enough experience of this super duper spicy dish. Will stay away from it for a little while.

Can't Stop

There are things that we cannot stop buying, eating, drinking or doing. Just as I cannot stop altogether eating and giving in to those cravings that I have for food once in awhile or sometimes more often than I should give in to. 

Just like the uncle of a dear family friend of ours who cannot stop smoking cigars. They try to convince him to just have the best mild cigars and try to skip those stronger ones anymore. The mild ones I read still are as rich-tasting, creamy-smooth and sweet aroma at an even more affordable price.

I think we can all make an excuse that life is too short and there are simply things we cannot stop or give up. We may have the freedom to do as we wish, but we do know the risks involved, right? So it's either you stop or carry on.