Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wires in Order

Time to put those wires in order was what I told hubby last week. I hope he does something about it soon. He has thought about using the wire loom that can be an effective and cheap solution to those who wants to put order as well as protection to those numerous cables around your home or in the office. 

I think the back of our TV in the living room needs to have that to conceal those unsightly wires over there though they are not really visible unless you really take a peek at the back of the wide screen TV. The wires at the back of hubby's computer table area could use one as well.

Whether it is under a workstation or integrated in a home theater set-up, this highly flexible conduit can attribute to a sleek, finished appearance by concealing unsightly wires which is exactly what I wish would happen soon.

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