Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I remembered about four days ago when my left knee was hurting quite bad and at the same time seeing a lady at church who had a crutch because she was obviously injured and limping as well, I get to think about these knee scooters that I am looking into right now. They have a comfortable padded platform to rest your injured leg on and it takes the weight off your other leg. 

My left knee fortunately did not  hurt anymore like it did a few days ago. Well I guess if it persisted those knee scooters and knee walkers (which are non-motorized) would have been useful. I read that there are some available for rent for those people who need them and don't want to use crutches. It is a mobility aid for those who have ankle or leg injuries or even lower leg pain. As some say you can ditch those crutches once you have a knee scooter.

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