Monday, July 09, 2012

Protect Uniforms

One of my cousins used to play for a band and it would not be a surprise if one of her sons would be playing for the band as well. We met recently and they were out for a fitting for a new band uniform for her son who will be performing for a major inter-school event. 

They had a nice, new set of uniforms. I told my cousin of the idea of using one of those.... which could protect uniforms with the best. These vinyl bags are 0.15mm thick and are pretty well durable and will last longer than other thinner bags in the same price category as I have read in the description. They could bring it around wherever they get to perform to protect his band uniform since sometimes they would go to other places in the country to perform or represent their school on various competitions.

I actually thought of buying one to preserve the old office uniform set that I still keep in one of our old closet. Plus it could also be useful to protect other clothes other than uniforms that one would like to preserve and protect.   

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