Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh My Knee

Oh my knee! It hurts. Good thing it was gone after three hours.

After walking for quite sometime in the mall after having lunch with my boys, I suddenly felt my left knee hurting. I don't know what caused it. I limped for a few steps but was able to walk it out until we decided to go home after awhile.

But when we were going out of the house to attend the late afternoon anticipated mass for Sunday, it started to hurt once again. When we reached the nearby church, the pain somehow intensified a bit. I regret not being able to put mansanilla on it hoping it may help since I have no other medicine at hand at home that I could think of then and I really did not expect it to ache again when we got to the church. I told hubby about it and what I did was just to flex my foot up and try to bear the pain on my knee until the pain slowly went away. Among other concerns inside me, I don't know but I could not help but shed a few tears especially when I heard my fave religious song that is really touching.

I left the church thankful after the mass ended. Thankful really that the pain in my left knee was almost gone. When we got home I put some mansanilla on it not really sure if it would be of any help. Now at least the pain almost not there anymore. The spot just feels a little bit sore. I pray whatever caused that pain will go away and never come back. Thank you LORD!

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