Sunday, July 08, 2012

Background Check

Hiring someone into your company or even just for your household would entail one important thing to do before finally putting them to work for you. One must especially these days do background checks for employment. Even if someone could seem to be someone who could be fully trusted, it does help a lot to do a background check. 

A friend of mine had problem with an employee they have for the past eight years already who was among one of their most trusted staff in their business. Little did her family know that the time will come when that employee would take money from them, the same thing she did from her second employer prior to them.

They never did a background check on that staff because she was recommended by someone they knew who also was her previous employer. They both did not knew she had a previous problem with her second employer about money which was in her trust that she took away. A case was not filed therefore she had no record with the authorities. 
Well too late but things had happened and now they know better than to do a basic or better thorough background check especially with those staff that would be handling sensitive positions in their business. You'd never know who you can really trust until they do something again.

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