Thursday, June 21, 2012


While most might be surprised if a home has no TV, well after being with Montessori I have come to know a few families who has none or if they have, they never use it especially for their children. 

Well my sister also has no TV at her home. She is often busy with work that when she comes to her own home at night she has no time to watch TV anymore. She is content with her iMac and that is where she watches movies if and when she feels like watching.
I think she is finally planning to buy a TV. I have been wondering if this analog pass-through digital receiver for the TV that I am browsing now is the one that my sister has been talking about the last time we talked about her plan to finally buy a TV set at her home. With this receiver, one can watch high quality digital TV broadcasts for free on your old analog TV as long as you have a converter box and an indoor or outdoor antenna. Well I will let my sister decide for after all it's going to be her TV.

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