Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I keep looking at this stall at the mall selling silver jewelry whenever we get to pass by it. I wanted to drop by one of these days when I am not with the boys or when we are not in hurry to go some place else at the mall. As I am looking now online at these jewelry deals sterling silver bracelets I get to remember that stall in the mall. 

The last time we passed by, two men caught my attention and they seem to be looking for a bracelet to give to a woman. Must be a jewelry gift to someone special in the life of one of them. It is interesting to see those men shopping for silver jewelry for a woman they love and they have friends tagging along helping them choose the right silver for the woman they care and love.  

It makes me wonder if my man would still get to think of buying me a jewelry for a gift even a bracelet that is silver. 

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