Friday, May 04, 2012


It is good to know that most supermarkets in the city now have this scanner that customers can freely use on their own. But the mall where we used to do our grocery a few years back probably need to replace the scanner they placed at the center of the supermarket for customer to use in checking the price of items that may not have any tag price on it. It is no longer working and the little boy, who loves to do that task of scanning items to know how much they cost, was the one who found out that it was not working anymore.

Having a barcode scanner has been helpful like for us customers to know the price of untagged items at the grocery before proceeding to the cashier and checkout counter. I don't want to be surprised if not shocked of the price of an item I am not familiar with the price range. There was one time that we bought a toothbrush for the little boy and was I surprised to find out it cost almost four times the price of the usual toothbrush that we used to buy for him. Good thing now we can scan the items first to let us decide if we want to buy it or not. It also makes the process of checking out and paying the grocery items faster these days.

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