Friday, May 04, 2012

Being Up Early

Being up early in the morning allows me to work more with focus on what needs to be done here at home while the little boy is still in dreamland. I got to canvass for some stuff that my dear sister asked me as a favor for her, plus I was able to find time as well to check on those annuities quotes that one of my elder sisters and my mom was asking me to look into. 

I also got to go through some papers that I had to sort and throw out to lessen the mess on my old table. Speaking of the old table, I suddenly started thinking whether I should finally dispose of it or not as hubby suggested in the first place when we got my new working and dining table in one. So far the old table can still be very useful though the two drawers had been damaged already. I will give it some time to be more useful still while we have kept it inside the unused bedroom in the house.

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