Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to School Shopping at Gaisano Mall Davao


It's back to school shopping at Gaisano Mall Davao for those parents who still need to buy school supplies and stuff for their students.  They will have a midnight sale this coming June 2 Saturday so that parents can shop longer and hope they can get great discounts to let them save money from buying school supplies for their children.

I miss shopping for school supplies when I was a young student myself. Seeing this then would have made me really excited to shop and choose my own school supplies. 

It was easier for us that the school supplies were already provided all in a school envelope bag (I mean we bought it at the school as a package already) after we enrolled the little boy in advance two days I think before the scheduled date of enrollment for their K2 level earlier this month. 

We dropped by here yesterday to look for navy blue shorts for the little boy's school uniform. They do not have his smaller size at the atrium display so we went up to the third floor. We got four shorts for him which costs more than we thought a piece.

As for the school shirt uniform, we have to buy that from the school since it has the school logo printed on it. His shirt size was not available during the time of enrollment. We need to go back to the school one of these days or maybe next week when hubby is off from work. 

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