Sunday, April 01, 2012

Wanna Go For a Swim

I wanna go for a swim now with the hot summer sun encouraging me more to take that dip in the pool to cool off the heat and have fun swimming with the little boy. We're no swimmers but that should not stop us from taking a dip in the kiddie pool or in the more shallow part of the pool. I just browsed through some pool supply store and they are on sale. I saw this swimming pool slide there which I can only wish we could have in the swimming pool in one of the nearby places to spend some summer fun in the city. 

The little boy actually said yes when I asked him if he wants to learn swimming this summer when I saw that their school was offering it as one of the electives in the summer class program. We still have not decided though where he will have his summer class. When that has been decided then maybe we can work out a schedule this summer for the little boy to maximize learning while having fun during his summer vacation. 

For now with the hot summer sun out the past two days, I just wanna go for a swim and relax this summer!

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