Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Losing Weight

I have lost more weight since November last year. Yet lately towards my birthday, I had a lapse on my diet when I gave in to my cravings and more eating as part of my simple birthday celebration. Now my birthday is over, I wish to go back to the diet I started and start losing weight once again. I have yet to lose about 9 kilos to get my BMI. That's quite too much I think yet I am just glad I am slowly getting there. Now I have to exert more effort.

My friend asked me if had taken any supplement. None so far but I have been reading about them for a few years now. I remember someone asked me before, does african mango plus work? I heard about it a few times before about being able to help as it is being advertised to suppress one's appetite and to increase one's metabolism. Those are the things I wish a diet supplement would really do. I have not yet tried this and I got to know more on losing weight and those supplements that help you achieve your ideal weight just like me who has to achieve my target BMI just as doctor told me so. 

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