Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For Dad

Now my dad's birthday may still be two months away but I have been planning to replace his old, small briefcase that he has been using for more than a year already. I browsed through some mens leather briefcases and I think I found one or two which has a design that I think he will like to have.  

There is one laptop briefcase that I am also interested in not for dad this time but for our own use. It would be great to use during our travel since I usually have to bring my laptop with me in order to do some work during our travel. It is inevitable sometimes. 

I wonder if my dad would like a messenger bag type. I do and I am just looking for one particular design and color of a messenger bag similar to the one that a friend of mine uses at work. I hope I still have enough time to save up for dad's new briefcase otherwise I will have to ask for my sister's share.

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