Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Early to bed, early to rise indeed!
My body has been used to usually sleeping late that when we tried to sleep early at night the past few days, I would also wake and rise up way to early! The other night we slept around nine in the evening and I woke up guess at what time? 12 midnight! Yes at the struck of 12AM. I came out of the bedroom shocked to see the time on our wall clock near our dining area.

Then my body's sleeping clock seemed to have gone wonky then. I would wake up in a few hours after. Then sleep again. Plus I have noticed that my body during the day is like on sleepy mode once again. It happens to be that time of the month coming to expect a visitor. I would sometimes have sleepy mode during the day. Naps do help but too many naps can affect my productivity in a day. At least it ain't that busy yet with work the past few days after the long holy week weekend. 

Generally, being able to go to bed early and being able to rise early is good. It could on other times may you do more things early on in the day with less hassle from other factors that could distract your productivity and focus on tasks at hand.

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