Monday, April 30, 2012

New Blogger Look

I have been hearing from other blogger still using Blogger about its new look. It is only now that I get to see it for myself. I think I have seen this before but just did not use it since I chose the old look. I have yet to explore if there are any new and interesting features. 

So far it seems okay and user- friendly. I am still getting used to the look though. The more I update this Blogger blog then that would give me a chance to get used to this new look more. After years of using the old look, this new one makes me think a little bit as if I am using a whole new platform.


Last month, I remember the little boy persistently asking from us to buy him a yoyo. I saw this duncan raptor yoyo only recently and when he saw it too, he got curious and was asking me to buy this kind of yoyo. It sure looks similar to the Chinese yoyo that I have browsed at recently. 

It is interesting to know that this unique yoyo is made from aircraft grade aluminum for perfect balance.I have not personally seen or played with this kind of yoyo my entire life. It would be nice to actually try playing with one of those. My young nephews would be interested and excited to try playing this one as well. I wonder if I could find a local supplier around town for this kind of yoyo. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot Summer Afternoon

It is another hot summer afternoon. Happy are those who had clothes to dry after doing their laundry this morning. I am sure their clothes are dry by now. LOL! It is really so hot outside here. Thank goodness for this weather when we have clothes to dry for they won't smell just like when it rains and they don't get to dry well fast.

Anyway, we are off to a birthday party in awhile. I hope it won't rain later this afternoon or early evening. That is the kind of weather we had yesterday. I just wish for a nice weather and a fun afternoon especially for the little boy who was invited to the birthday party of his classmate at a playhouse we have not yet visited since it opened late last year. Now we can get to go there with a purpose.

Enjoy your summer afternoon!

Bunk Bed

Yesterday we were in a local furniture store and after looking for a dining set I have in mind and not finding it on stock, we went around and saw some nice, quality bunk beds that are very ideal for a kid's bedroom. They were just priced that is out of our budget. But I wish I can save up something and buy one for our little boy's bedroom.

I actually found nicer bunk beds at recently. I wish the local stores will have their beds available. I have my eyes set on their Hammond bright white twin over twin bunk bed with two free mattresses. It is in color blue which is perfect for the little boy's bedroom.

There is another one I found, this one shown below that I may prefer since there is an extra pull out bed which would be perfect for the three of us.

The little boy can sleep on top while hubby and I could use the bed below. Or to be more safe, the little boy can sleep on the bed below while hubby and I can sleep on the pull out bed. Hope to find more nicer designs of this bunk bed. It'll save some space. There is one which has storage sections on the bottom. That could also be a good choice for a bunk bed.