Thursday, March 01, 2012

Coffee Break

I am alone and free now that the little kid is at school while hubby has left for work. I wanted to go to a coffee shop for some coffee break and hang out there while waiting for the time to fetch the little boy. I am quite inclined to just stay here at home. 

Why not have just make my own coffee here at home? While I can sip a nice hot cup of coffee while watching my fave shows on TV especially those cooking shows at Lifestyle and AFC. 

Come to think of it I may just go to the nearest mall's department store and look for an airpot coffee maker hopefully just like the one I saw from an online store that specializes in coffee makers. That air pot coffee brewer brews directly into insulated airpots and thermal carafes. Just pour cold water in the top and coffee brews immediately. It's could brew about 7 to 8 batches of coffee an hour. I think I could just have that

There is another coffee maker which I really like before from another store but it was very expensive! I just have to look for affordable ones just like the one I saw on that online store though the airpot is sold separately from the coffee maker, it's still cheaper. 

Now for that coffee break... got to make some hot instant coffee drink for the meantime and let's watch some TV before i take a quick nap.

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