Monday, February 20, 2012

Canola Oil


We are trying a different kind of cooking oil recently. It is canola oil. I would have chosen olive oil since that is what I often see being used in cooking shows I follow and being tagged one of the healthier cooking oils. Hubby said though that we would try the canola oil first which he said is close to olive oil based on what he has read at a Yahoo article. 

I read that canola oil is "among the healthiest of cooking oils... with the lowest saturated fat content of any oil commonly consumed with 7 %... while sunflower oil has 12% saturated fat, corn oil has 13%, and olive oil has 15%..." You may want to read more about that here

But now I think a better option for us would be to cook with... no oil at all. Better don't you think?

Electric Guitar

Being a rock star was one of my cousin's childhood dream. We recently met when he was buying an electric guitar that time. Yes it seems he is letting part of his childhood dream come true after all, well not being a rock star but having his own electric guitar. 

I remember seeing a similar electric guitar just like the one he bought at the musical instruments section in the department stores of one of the malls in town. It looks like this electric guitar that I am looking at right now which shows radical sharp design and excellent playing balance. It comes with a hardcase shell. 

Some of the older kids in the little boy's school would bring guitars but they're not electric guitars. The little boy would take interest in them when he sees them playing with it. I wonder if the little boy would ever wish for an electric guitar just like his uncle.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Blue Now


It's blue now since the little boy has turned 5 already.

The last milk can we bought was still with the green cover for those ages 3-5. Now I suggested to hubby we should buy a new can since that last can had been open for more than a month already. We usually consume it in less than a month but since that time when he would not drink milk as much and opt to eat instead, it then lengthened the time to consume that last milk can was consumed.

Now his milk can has leveled up to this blue one now. He said "Wow!" when he saw this new color. You know kids are awed even with just simple things like this.

Black Cowboy Hat

A few days ago, the little boy asked for a Cowboy Hat after watching a movie with a cowboy character in it. You know he specifically said "I want a black cowboy hat." We found this genuine beaver hat and he said, "Just like that!" when he saw this one.


I was thinking he wanted the color of the hat same as that of Woody in Toy Story but I guess he really wants one that looks just like this one. I wonder if there is one like this in kid's size. I assume this is really way too big for him to wear on his head. It won't fit him well and that may just be something we have to deal with later.