Saturday, January 07, 2012

System Restoration on Vismin Network Problem of PLDT myDSL

System restoration since this morning on VisMin network problem of PLDT myDSL. That is what I got from the CSR who I was able to get through after trying to call 172 for about 50 minutes. Yes you know that they indeed have a problem when you cannot get through a CSR in 30 minutes to an hour almost. That is based on my experience honestly. 

I am at the least glad that they now acknowledged that there is indeed a problem unlike last time when we were having problems (worse since December 25) as well as other people encountering problem loading different pages (only Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo was getting through in my case while the rest goes to futile effort and endless waiting) that we get to know through various sites and social media networks.

Hubby already placed my internet connection on stand alone mode just as the tech CSR would suggest. Yet today I still have been having intermittent connection concerns. Request timed out would appear every now and then when I ping. Persistent problem loading pages and I cannot get any work done fast. I am losing time and most of all patience. Good thing there is no deadline that I rushing to get done. 

Is there any better ISP to transfer to for us? Well we have yet to find out. For now, we cannot do anything but try to patiently wait it out till this problem gets fixed. Hopefully soon!

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