Friday, January 20, 2012

Melona Korean Flavored Ice Bars

Whenever we do our grocery at Robinson's Supermarket in Abreeza Mall Davao, I would pass by these Melona Korean Flavored Ice Bars. I have always been curious as to how it tastes. Maybe next time I will try to buy one when my cough and colds are gone. 

Their flavors are Melon flavored ice bars, Banana flavored ice bars, Strawberry flavored ice bars, and Mango flavored ice bars. Other flavors are Red bean and Lime

Melona is a South Korean melon-flavored creamsicle, manufactured by the Binggrae Co. Ltd. Although the product is called "Melona" and is identified by its melon flavor, the creamsicle also comes in other fruit flavors, according to Wikipedia.
I stumbled into a Facebook page called I Love Melona Bars. I don't think that is their official FB page but more for those who love these Melona ice bars. This is worth a try! I forgot the price but I hope it isn't too expensive. Because if I will love it then it would be affordable.

Photo taken with our SG Tab.

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