Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Glider Chair

When the little boy and I got home from school this afternoon, I thought that if there would be more hot afternoons in the following days, I'd like to go somewhere cool and breezy while sitting on this cool so-called glider chair I found recently. I remembered the chair that I tried before in the local furniture shop that feels comfortable and relaxing to sit on during a hot weather like this afternoon.

I could enjoy reading a book or just lulling myself to sleep while sitting on a log rocking chair or in this groovy stuff teak adirondack glider chair perhaps. I know my dad would love to have one of this as well while he does his own routine in my sister's house during those afternoons that he pays a visit there.

I wish my sister's place is just so near and only if there is no traffic going to her place, I would be willing to hang out in that big space in her backyard, put up a small, simple hut perhaps with a nice log furniture like this one from the real log furniture store I have found. It could just provide that comfy feeling that I am looking for on afternoons like today.

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