Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yes that is what we have been venturing the past few days though not every day. I just do more on the preparation while hubby does more on cooking. Yes he is the cook in the house as we have agreed from the very start. 

Now I am at least getting the feel on cooking. When I was younger, I was more into baking helping my mom bake cakes when we were in grade school. I would like to pursue cooking too though I am more inclined into baking. The idea of me getting into cooking or baking class has been in my mind since last year. 

Yesterday I once again saw the link to Gourmet Bites at Facebook. I browsed it once again and it is one of the choices. Though I am still scouting for another choice. Probably this summer there will be more cooking/baking classes that will open so I have more choices of schools to choose from. Aside of course, we have to take in consideration the availability of funds by then depending on how the next two months will do for us financially. 

I look forward to seriously do cooking and baking this 2012. Determination and perseverance aside from passion is something that has to come together and hope this plan will be fulfilled this year.

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