Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fillin Friday

It's time to enjoy the weekend even if it's a working weekend for the hubby.

Weekends make me wish we could go out for an outdoor adventure ... and don't forget the husband still needs to get more rest during working weekends! 

I'm trying to take it easy on the rice to lose more weight

"You're handsome", that was the last funny comment I received. Hello! Am a woman sir! LOL!

Please send more blessings and positive vibes

Got to be more strong cause I'm in it for the long haul. 

And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing some work as the little guy slept early, tomorrow my plans include attending the anticipated mass with the boys and Sunday, I want to rest and relax!

Thanks to Technology

Businesses these days give thanks to technology for making most things easy to do and conduct just like this web based video conferencing that I just recently been reading about during my free time from work. A lot as in thousands of businesses and organizations all around the world make the most of the use of technology in communication. Putting into use these easy-to-use conferencing services that we can find these days will facilitate and enable effective communication for those businesses and organizations. 

The generation today is enjoying much of the products and services may it be in communication, entertainment and others and thanks to technology, people are being brought more closer together even if they could be physically worlds apart.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Melona Korean Flavored Ice Bars

Whenever we do our grocery at Robinson's Supermarket in Abreeza Mall Davao, I would pass by these Melona Korean Flavored Ice Bars. I have always been curious as to how it tastes. Maybe next time I will try to buy one when my cough and colds are gone. 

Their flavors are Melon flavored ice bars, Banana flavored ice bars, Strawberry flavored ice bars, and Mango flavored ice bars. Other flavors are Red bean and Lime

Melona is a South Korean melon-flavored creamsicle, manufactured by the Binggrae Co. Ltd. Although the product is called "Melona" and is identified by its melon flavor, the creamsicle also comes in other fruit flavors, according to Wikipedia.
I stumbled into a Facebook page called I Love Melona Bars. I don't think that is their official FB page but more for those who love these Melona ice bars. This is worth a try! I forgot the price but I hope it isn't too expensive. Because if I will love it then it would be affordable.

Photo taken with our SG Tab.

Starbucks Recharge and Renew Gift Basket

I like Starbucks and when it opened its first ever store in the city finally May last year, I was one happy coffee drinker. We do go to Starbucks once in awhile when budget allows us too as a treat to this mom. Moms deserve some treat once in awhile and a Starbucks treat is one thing I can appreciate.

Now, I saw this Starbucks Recharge and Renew mom's gift basket. The mug made me interested in this basket. I collect mugs from coffee shops including Starbucks. Well it actually started with Starbucks. This gift basket just really caught my attention when I saw it and would love having it.

For the passionate coffee drinker, we have created this signature gift box of classic Starbucks delights- all designed to enhance those thoughtful moments throughout the day.
This gift basket includes: 1 Starbucks Logo Mug, 1 oz Walker's Shortbread Fingers, 3 oz Walker's Shortbread Medallions, 2.5 oz Starbucks Caffe Verona Ground Coffee, and 2.5 oz Starbucks House Blend Ground Coffee. Just great for a Starbucks coffee fan. 

Angry Birds Keychains


These Angry Birds keychains are for sale at the play house in AMall. The little boy saw them and persistently requested to have one of this until we gave in and he got the red one. There are so many Angry Birds toys and stuff for kids.

As a mother, I really don't recommend this game to young kids because it is in my opinion graphically violent for kids their age but the influence is just too strong when most other kids around are so into it too. Good thing the little boy is somehow over it. I hope his friends too!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Glider Chair

When the little boy and I got home from school this afternoon, I thought that if there would be more hot afternoons in the following days, I'd like to go somewhere cool and breezy while sitting on this cool so-called glider chair I found recently. I remembered the chair that I tried before in the local furniture shop that feels comfortable and relaxing to sit on during a hot weather like this afternoon.

I could enjoy reading a book or just lulling myself to sleep while sitting on a log rocking chair or in this groovy stuff teak adirondack glider chair perhaps. I know my dad would love to have one of this as well while he does his own routine in my sister's house during those afternoons that he pays a visit there.

I wish my sister's place is just so near and only if there is no traffic going to her place, I would be willing to hang out in that big space in her backyard, put up a small, simple hut perhaps with a nice log furniture like this one from the real log furniture store I have found. It could just provide that comfy feeling that I am looking for on afternoons like today.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yes that is what we have been venturing the past few days though not every day. I just do more on the preparation while hubby does more on cooking. Yes he is the cook in the house as we have agreed from the very start. 

Now I am at least getting the feel on cooking. When I was younger, I was more into baking helping my mom bake cakes when we were in grade school. I would like to pursue cooking too though I am more inclined into baking. The idea of me getting into cooking or baking class has been in my mind since last year. 

Yesterday I once again saw the link to Gourmet Bites at Facebook. I browsed it once again and it is one of the choices. Though I am still scouting for another choice. Probably this summer there will be more cooking/baking classes that will open so I have more choices of schools to choose from. Aside of course, we have to take in consideration the availability of funds by then depending on how the next two months will do for us financially. 

I look forward to seriously do cooking and baking this 2012. Determination and perseverance aside from passion is something that has to come together and hope this plan will be fulfilled this year.

It’s Time For Some Winter Cleaning

Our society has long used the term “spring cleaning” to refer to that major home cleaning project that many of us undertake each spring, just as the weather starts to warm up. We fling open our windows, get out our brooms, and being dismantling a winter’s worth of dust, trash, and various other forms of clutter. It’s spring – the time for rebirth and for emerging from our hibernations – and I certainly understand the desire to sweep and clean at that time of year. In fact I do so myself.

What I don’t understand is the conception that spring cleaning follows a stretch of wintry months during which we do no redecorating, removing, or tidying of any sort. In my case, this is far from the truth. Cooped up at home all winter – with dark skies before dinnertime and with no desire to leave the vicinity of my bed, kitchen table, or couch – I often get the urge to assess the mess around me and do some winter cleaning.

Last week, with my husband working late and my baby sleeping well, I decided to embark upon several winter cleaning projects. Here’s what I did:

Reorganized Storage Space

Our home has a small, dark basement that is perfectly suited for storing a moderate number of items. Perhaps it’s too perfect, in fact, considering that we’ve built upon quite the storage trove over the past couple years. I tackled the mess by sorting everything into one of three categories: trash, things to keep on hand, and things that we might want sometime down the road. Everything in that second category will get to stay in the newly-organized basement. The third category (mainly consisting of furniture and old appliances) is headed for self storage facilities. And the first category, of course, has already been put into the dumpster.

Cleaned Out the Freezer

When it comes to cleaning, a freezer and a refrigerator are often worlds apart. The fridge has items that are constantly being viewed. If anything starts to go moldy or rotten, or if a shelf is getting to full, I will immediately drop what I’m doing and tidy everything up. The freezer, on the other hand, has the deep recesses and cold climate to contain a package for many years without ever being seen. This means that I rarely clean the place out; instead, I simply shove new items into the front of the freezer and forget about those in back. This week, with freezer space recently at a premium, I decided to do a thorough cleaning. I was shocked at how much was in there that I had forgotten about -- and how much I needed to throw out.

Scrubbed The Bathroom

This activity is a good one to include in any cleaning project, considering the speed at which bathrooms go from being clean to being dirty. When I say that I scrubbed the bathroom I truly mean just that – I removed everything from the vanity, emptied the medicine cabinet and all the drawers, and then went to work with a rag and some bleach. It took less than 30 minutes and the result was both impressive and worthwhile. I’ll probably have about a week to enjoy it.

While none of these undertaking were especially large or daunting ones, I feel better about the cleanliness of my house after finishing the projects. The rest of the mess, however, will probably have to wait for now – probably until spring cleaning.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

System Restoration on Vismin Network Problem of PLDT myDSL

System restoration since this morning on VisMin network problem of PLDT myDSL. That is what I got from the CSR who I was able to get through after trying to call 172 for about 50 minutes. Yes you know that they indeed have a problem when you cannot get through a CSR in 30 minutes to an hour almost. That is based on my experience honestly. 

I am at the least glad that they now acknowledged that there is indeed a problem unlike last time when we were having problems (worse since December 25) as well as other people encountering problem loading different pages (only Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo was getting through in my case while the rest goes to futile effort and endless waiting) that we get to know through various sites and social media networks.

Hubby already placed my internet connection on stand alone mode just as the tech CSR would suggest. Yet today I still have been having intermittent connection concerns. Request timed out would appear every now and then when I ping. Persistent problem loading pages and I cannot get any work done fast. I am losing time and most of all patience. Good thing there is no deadline that I rushing to get done. 

Is there any better ISP to transfer to for us? Well we have yet to find out. For now, we cannot do anything but try to patiently wait it out till this problem gets fixed. Hopefully soon!

Travel More

To travel more with my boys is something I wish to accomplish this 2012! I just pray that the weather and climate in the country will be kind to those who wish to travel and enjoy the trip to wherever we may plan to go. Plus another thing would be availability of extra funds for this. As the tourism department launched a new slogan to promote tourism, I get encouraged once again to explore and travel more than once a year. 

Last year, my sister in UK and I once had a chat on a previous plan to travel there when the little boy is older. That sparked from an idea while I was browsing through this car rental uk matter that she was asking me about. Yes she mentioned we can probably rent a car so we can easily go around historic places there if and when we get to fly to UK one day.