Monday, December 31, 2012


I was going through some of my old stuff and found an old postcard given by one of my old high school friends. I have not received a postcard for a long time. It would be great to get one from someone dear at this time and age when most people rely on email, e-cards and even just Facebook and Twitter or simply texting to send out their holiday greetings for example.

A couple of days ago while I had a break from doing some important stuff that needs to be done before the year ends, I found this postcard printing from and it made me think of my online friends as well who are into sending and exchanging postcards from all over the world. I was kind of interested before in what they were doing but I just was not able to really find time to dedicate to it. 

I am currently looking for one particular postcard sent by an old dear friend of mine. It was from Germany. It was a postcard sent during Christmas many years ago. It would be great if I would be able to find the other old postcards I have received from my dear and thoughtful friends years ago. That would indeed be a great find! :)  

Gingerbread Man Cookie Kit


As they say "No cookie says Christmas more than a gingerbread man cookie. "

Last month during a visit to a Christmas Bazaar at Marco Polo Hotel Davao with my boys, I saw this for sale at one of the stalls. I think this costs around P150. 

My little boy is excited to decorate the gingerbread man by himself later on while we wait for the strike of midnight this new year's eve.

They were also selling a gingerbread house but they have no stock there at that time and I have not visited their store since. This gingerbread cookie decorating kit will do for now. I am sure we will have a fun time doing it later.

Happy 2013 everyone! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012


Music soothes a stressed soul. Yes I am quite a bit stressed right now and music easily helps me relax. It's nice listening to your fave music at this hour as I try to check this - mini which is said to be one of the world's smallest, most affordable Pro Tools LE recording, editing, and mixing systems ever that provides professional sound quality while you are on the road they say. 

How music can soothe and relax the soul makes it a blessing we have in this fast paced life we may live sometimes if not most of the time. Hope your life is filled with music, laughter and cheers especially this Christmas holiday. 

Happy holidays!

Looking Forward to the Weekend

I am so looking forward to this weekend since it will be the start of the Christmas novena masses that is a tradition we try to observe and practice with my boys. I wish and pray for the best of our health for the years to come and more blessings to my family and their families.

I am also looking forward to checking the newly opened branch of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which opened today. I hope they already have a working WIFI at the coffee shop now. I would love to chill out and relax as I take a break from work with my dear little boy. Hubby is off to work tomorrow. I am looking forward to Sunday for our day off weekend. Yes!

Busy days ahead this December coz before you know it, the holidays will be over. You never want to miss out any of the weekends this month spent with your loved ones right?

Taking a Break

I am taking a break, a much needed break. No I am not going to light up something like one of those Rocky Patel cigars which my friend was telling me about last night. I just need a bite of that chocolate bar which has one left at the ref. Good thing my dear little boy did not see it when he went searching for a chocolate at the refrigerator awhile ago. 

I would like to have another cup of that hot chocolate from McDonald's as well but I might just have to settle for a hot cup of Milo here at home since that is the only one I could find in the house now. I have to make a grocery list tomorrow. 

Now my break is over and I have to go back and work.


Wanted: a graphic designer.

Now my friend is looking for someone to hire in their company which she told me last week that they are looking for someone who has a background on graphic designing. I know some people who are graphic designers by profession but they already have work.

I wonder if she could find someone they need at where you can find graphic designers, print brokers, print shops, and ad agencies. They could also help you with your printing needs. Yes the last month of the year in the printing industry can get really busy. If know anyone who is a graphic designer, let me know and I may recommend them to my friend.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Save on those as they are one of the few commercial oboe reeds available with the long scrape used by nearly all professionals. I made some reading to know more about these reeds since I am not technically familiar with them though I think I may have seen them before.

They are made with the finest French cane which is sorted, selected and then processed by skilled craftsmen. The reeds are made using the world's most advanced reed machinery. Each of those reeds are being tested
individually and adjusted by hand. Each of those reeds receive some hand scraping before they pass on for final inspection and packed.


I honestly miss the Badjao carolers and their upbeat style of music or whatever it is more appropriately called. And guess what I just heard them playing outside at one of our neighbors' house. I have grown up hearing them going around the neighborhood going from one house to another and they usually start early as soon as the holiday season sets in the city.

Now there are less of them going around. I used to see and hear them along some streets in the city like in San Pedro Street caroling passengers in the jeepneys when the traffic light is in red/stop. It is something that I have grew up with hearing them and as many years go by we see and hear less of them during the Christmas season.

They have somehow become a part of our holidays hearing them with those music that my nephews and I would sometimes dance to inside the house as we listen to them playing outside the house. It seems that there is a part of culture during Christmas that is fading away. I am not really sure if that's something bad or good. 

Looking for a Guitar

When I heard my little boy and two of my nephews showing interest when I mentioned about getting a guitar, I got more interested in looking for one to buy. I am just saving up for one that I found more than a month ago. A few days ago I saw a wide selection of.... and more. They say you can get the guaranteed lowest prices there which I hope I can.

There was one guitar before that I fell in love with and I really wanted to buy that one but since I don't really play the guitar I did not save up for it. Until recently when I saw my son and nephews showed interest in it, I might as well go for it this time around. Who knows they will develop a love for playing guitar especially for my son. I would really appreciate that as a mom.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shop for New Clothes

I need to save up and shop for new clothes. The year is ending and with events here and there sometimes what to wear becomes a concern. I did a shopping spree recently thanks to a free shopping treat by a mall and one of their stores who sponsored me and two other bloggers in that particular store.

I got to try a red blouse but it was kind of small for me and when I look back at the photo I took of myself while trying it on, I said to myself, I really need to buy new clothes to wear something new for the coming year. I just need to save up. May the blessings that will allow me to do extra shopping pour forth. I need to work harder. Then reward myself with time to shop for new clothes... hopefully soon.

Know Your Labor Law

When I was still working and having a sister who works for the labor department, I kept being asked on the wages and labor law. Honestly many employees and workers are not that knowledgeable about the labor law. Even I myself still has a lot to know about it.

In a company, the employees and employers most especially need to know the law. There are labor law compliance posters available to help make sure you and your employees understand what you need for labor law and HR compliance at your company. Actually these so-called compliance materials are important and essential to make sure you are on top of postings, compliance management and training programs required by the labor law. It is good to know your labor law. If you don't then get to know it now.

Day of Rest

It is a Sunday today and is a day of rest. Supposedly but I got work to do and I don't want to rush and panic in a few days time. So I am kind of working on what is supposed to be a rest day. I am free whole day and I plan to spend it at home working and hopefully get some rest in between.

The boys are still sleeping and I am so tempted to crawl back to bed actually. Maybe even for an hour or two until they will wake up and this day gets into full swing.

Hope you will have a relaxing day of rest and spend it well with your family. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! And since Christmas is just around the corner... advance merry Christmas as well!

I Want to Swim

The little boy said yesterday I want to swim Ma. Yes he did remember those times that we headed out to a nearby swimming pool within this nearby area and we spent the whole afternoon there swimming in the pool. 

Yesterday we would have headed out to swim if it had not been a cold weather day especially in the morning. It would have been a great time since there would be less people in the area and especially in the pool. If the resort only had those electric swimming pool heaters best to warm their pool during cold weather days, I guess we would have gone ahead yesterday and swam all day long since it was a Saturday and there is no school on weekend.

Maybe next time when the sun is out and shining, we should give it a go to swim for the little boy. I know he has really been thinking about it especially during weekends when he is home and has no school. Especially when he gets to see again the photos we have taken during our previous visits, he would surely get excited to go for a swim.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Classical Christmas Medley Music

I started this Sunday listening to Classical Christmas Medley Music to relax myself from this pressing CR prob that we have in the house that we heard our next door neighbor has also been experiencing since last week. 

I got to put that behind me and try to relax and I know that listening to Christmas songs especially classical and instrumental music will help me relax faster. We are fast approaching Christmas and the Christmas season over here has started when September came in.

I like this medley that I found recently. I will have to bookmark this so that the next time I feel like listening to it again while I am working, I could easily find it and listen to it once again. Maybe I could explore iTunes and see what nice Christmas songs I could find there.

It ain't too early for us here and so I say Merry Christmas everyone! *wink*

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have not gotten a mail for quite a long time now except when I get mails from the bank and other companies. The latest I got was from my bank. I could just imagine how tedious it may seem for the person in charge in the bank to send so many mails to all clients nationwide whenever they need to send something important through mail.

A mailing label would make it easier for the one organizing and sending the letters to thousands of clients. Most of the mails we have received recently are their latest offers and promo. They send that to all their clients all across the country so you can imagine how they must have a systematic way of having those mails properly labeled aside of course from the important bank documents sent through important registered mail I think that is how they call it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scott's Vitamin C Pastille Mixed Berries Flavor

Scott's Vitamin C Pastille Mixed Berries Flavor

This pack was given to us during a recent event and we tried it for the very first time. It is said to be high in vitamin C and what I like about it is the taste. Given a choice between the mixed berries flavor and the peach flavor, I would choose the mixed berries one. It is delicious and I could eat more than one but since there is a given limit of only two pastilles a day for adults we should take note and follow that. 

I do know there is a limit for intake of vitamin C each day for all of us and that is something I also told hubby about because he ate two of these at one time only. He might think these are just ordinary candy pastilles and more so did I have to explain to the little boy who also wanted more than one since he is allowed only one a day.

Hanging Plants

My mom once suggested to me when I asked for an advice since she is better at plants and gardening than me, if I don't want to put plants on the ground, I could consider having those hanging plants that are available in a number of varieties. I tried checking out the best hanging plants I could find in an online garden store and I think I have found some of it. 

I will try one and see if I could maintain keeping it alive for a month then I'll try buying more. I could hang them near the fence perhaps for added outdoor decoration and greenery for our rather small front yard space.

The little boy could even help me take care of those hanging plants and it will serve as his little gardening project to water them when necessary. My mom used to have a few hanging plants in her small garden at home before and when we were still very young we would take turns with my other sibling in taking care of them especially during summer when we are free from school and are at home most of the day.

Hot Milo Drink at Snack Time


Hot Milo Drink at Snack Time

This was what I bought for P25 at the snacks counter of IMAX when we went to watch Taken 2 to try out for the first time the Centerstage cinema 6.
The price of this drink could have been cheaper if we bought it elsewhere but it was already kind of cheap already considering we bought it at IMAX. It kept he warm inside the cinema though it was not that cold either inside.

Will let the little boy try this one next time and see if he likes it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piano or Keyboard

Being able to play the piano or keyboard to be more advanced was something that I really wanted to learn when I was in my grade school year. So when an uncle many years ago got a keyboard which the... really reminded me of, I wanted to spend my weekends and summer there. There was a time that he offered to lend me his keyboard and my was I really excited.

Yamaha was a known brand even then and having one gives you an instrument and tool to make music in your hands as they say. There was even a Yamaha school of music that I wanted to enrol in just to be able to learn to play the piano or keyboard which they say was more easier to learn.

At one point I dreamt of having a Yamaha keyboard for myself especially one that has high-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel one's creativity in making music, recording features to capture every brilliant idea.

I used to wish when I was in my high school that my parents will get me one but then maybe I could buy one when I can afford one myself and maybe let my son learn it and if he has a passion for it then I will support him all the way.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas Display

With September almost finished, I am sure most department stores have already prepared, arranged and set up their Christmas display.

This is just part of the Christmas display and for sale at one of the oldest department stores in the city. I can only wish to put more Christmas decorations in the house this year but that is not actually practical when you are trying to save up for the holidays. 

I like shopping for Christmas decors here because they usually have a lot of nice choices. It can just be a little expensive that is. But still I love passing and dropping by here just to look at the display of Christmas decors.  

Protecting Your Data

I had a problem logging in one of my social network account earlier this evening and I thought my account was hacked or there was something seriously wrong. It took awhile before I was finally able to log into my account. 

I decided to change my password just to be sure. In this age of technology and internet, it is always important that we prioritize protecting our data. So when I came across a topic about online data recovery, I was immediately reminded that we need to protect our data online whether as individuals or even for companies which especially need a defense against the losses that can cripple their business. With crucial information stored in database that are sometimes accessible online, it helps if the company knows how to protect their data and be able to recover them, thanks to those trusted offsite backups that are now available.

Monday, September 24, 2012

IMAX Is Coming to Town

Yes not just Santa but IMAX is coming to town!

The fifth IMAX in the Philippines will open in Davao this Friday, September 28, 2012. Fortunately we got an invite to the blessing and opening ceremony on the evening of the 27th. Excited yes we are since I have been wanting to watch at IMAX in MOA whenever we travel to Manila but somehow that has always been put on hold. 

Luckily we will be having our own IMAX in the city and it is opening in a few days from now. Avengers in 3D will be the first movie that will be shown. We have actually seen this in 3D in Abreeza when it was shown in town but not with an IMAX experience. It will be a totally different experience and I hope I will truly enjoy my first IMAX experience right here in our own beloved city.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art Time

We used to have art time with the little boy last year but when he moved to another school, our schedule just seem to have changed and became more busy each school day. So I thought we could bring back that art time we used to have and do it on weekends.

I just need to buy new arts and crafts supplies since I could no longer find most of his old art supplies which we used to use during this fun bonding activity at home with my dear little boy. I just want to bring back that creative way of spending his weekends rather than just playing or watching his favorite movie or TV show during weekends. Once our art time will continue once again during weekends, I may try to enroll him in a formal art class at a nearby school.  

I am sure that he will look forward to that as well as this will give him a chance to meet new friends while at the same time having fun which is creative while at the same time her learns something new as well. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We have been wondering what the chips a cafe resto was using as side dish served in its burrito. We liked it since it is not as flavored as the others we have tasted. I do remember having bought the chips at the grocery but has forgotten the brand. So during the last time we were in the cafe, I asked the food server what it was. They said Patata.

I still could not imagine until we visited GMall grocery and found this...
Now I remember it well. I used to buy this a few years ago. Now we bought three of this. But I am controlling our consumption since this is not really healthy. Good for snack food when there is nothing else though honestly I think we should take this not as often as we wish we could. Hubby said it is delicious and I could snack on this yes. But everything should be in moderation right?

Duty Free Philippines

This is the Duty Free Philippines located at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila which I noticed only as we were leaving the mall. We took a quick look at it to see what they have to offer. I took a quick glance at their store display which was really attractive being in a coordinated bright yellow color that one surely would not miss if you glance towards this area before going up the escalator to the second floor of the mall. 

I just remember those Jewelry Showcases display we were looking at an exhibit during the festival last month here in the city. It looks like the one they have at the Duty Free but it was not a DFP store.

I actually liked the look of this Duty Free store. Small as it seems, it was well designed. I am sure it is more fun in the Philippines shopping for take home treats for your loved ones back home.  

photo ©TereRN

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Keep As Souvenir


I was thinking is I want to keep one of these as a souvenir maybe for the Olympics 2012. Yes that's just a crazy idea that I thought of as I stared at this can while waiting for our food at the resto where we had an early dinner yesterday. 

Coca-Cola is said to be an official worldwide partner of the London Olympics 2012 together with McDonalds. They are proud to be the longest continuous corporate partner of the Olympics Games. 

Well there are still many of these cans out there and maybe after the Olympics and there is still one that I could keep then I will keep it as a souvenir for the London Olympics.


With hubby's new work schedule this month, I get time on my own to go and wander on my own. Today I plan to look for strings particularly something like the strings for my cousin. he asked me to look for them at the mall near us since it is more accessible to us. He has been looking for acoustic guitar strings last week and I promised him I will try to look for it at the mall. 

I remember I used to buy my own guitar strings when I was in high school up to college when we still have a guitar that we share with my other siblings. Now there is a sale going on at one of the online stores that I recently found that sells guitars and accessories.I should better tell my cousin to check out those guitar strings and accessories available there on sale now by himself. He knows what he wants better than I do.

Super Duper Spicy Bagnet Express


This was super duper spicy! Since we first tried it once a few months ago, we suddenly thought of trying it once again last night. 

Oh my this was really too spicy! I had to ask for extra ice for my drink just to be able to ease the burning sensation on my mouth especially my lips. I even started to feel a little burning sensation inside my ear. Good thing no smoke came out of it. LOL! I am just kidding but really I could feel like the inner part of my ears was starting to feel the effect of the spiciness of this Super Spicy Bagnet Express! 

Hubby even went on eating the sliced red chili peppers. No I could not dare that anymore. Enough experience of this super duper spicy dish. Will stay away from it for a little while.

Can't Stop

There are things that we cannot stop buying, eating, drinking or doing. Just as I cannot stop altogether eating and giving in to those cravings that I have for food once in awhile or sometimes more often than I should give in to. 

Just like the uncle of a dear family friend of ours who cannot stop smoking cigars. They try to convince him to just have the best mild cigars and try to skip those stronger ones anymore. The mild ones I read still are as rich-tasting, creamy-smooth and sweet aroma at an even more affordable price.

I think we can all make an excuse that life is too short and there are simply things we cannot stop or give up. We may have the freedom to do as we wish, but we do know the risks involved, right? So it's either you stop or carry on.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Leylam's Shawarma Rice

Yes I have to admit they taste good and for the past days, I think we went back there more than twice to buy Leylam's Shawarma rice at the food court of AMall. It is also quite affordable for P69 only. It can be tummy-filling already. I like mine with more garlic mayo and spicy as well. Thanks to hubby's influence on spicy stuff.

We noticed many people go there to their store to buy this even if it is at the corner and almost hidden from the main traffic of people passing through the food court.


I remembered about four days ago when my left knee was hurting quite bad and at the same time seeing a lady at church who had a crutch because she was obviously injured and limping as well, I get to think about these knee scooters that I am looking into right now. They have a comfortable padded platform to rest your injured leg on and it takes the weight off your other leg. 

My left knee fortunately did not  hurt anymore like it did a few days ago. Well I guess if it persisted those knee scooters and knee walkers (which are non-motorized) would have been useful. I read that there are some available for rent for those people who need them and don't want to use crutches. It is a mobility aid for those who have ankle or leg injuries or even lower leg pain. As some say you can ditch those crutches once you have a knee scooter.

Manila Pavilion Hotel


I came across a photo I took at the Manila Pavilion during our first time stay there around late last year. It was a free stay actually for two days during our annual family vacation. With that experience I know now if and when we would still like to go back there or not. I know the answer. The people and staff are nice. But I will not make any comment on the room or shall I say rooms we were given. 

I appreciate though being able to go to this hotel for the experience. It was an unforgettable stay.

ID Card

We almost thought that the little boy lost his ID card last night. I was already thinking of asking the school for another ID to be issued for him but that may take a week or so. Or I thought maybe we can have that printed elsewhere. But we have yet to scout around for those who cater to ID card printing. 

I tried searching online and I ended up finding this nice looking and quality desktop plastic card printer for ID and membership cards printing. These days you may print your own custom plastic cards on demand with the line of evolis premium plastic card printers that you can buy online. I saw a variety of card printers that can allow you yo start printing your own personalized plastic cards at an affordable price with an economical plastic card printer.

We only need one ID for now just in case our little boy's ID card is really gone. But if you are planning into printing many ID cards, these printers may be very useful for your ID card printing project.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh My Knee

Oh my knee! It hurts. Good thing it was gone after three hours.

After walking for quite sometime in the mall after having lunch with my boys, I suddenly felt my left knee hurting. I don't know what caused it. I limped for a few steps but was able to walk it out until we decided to go home after awhile.

But when we were going out of the house to attend the late afternoon anticipated mass for Sunday, it started to hurt once again. When we reached the nearby church, the pain somehow intensified a bit. I regret not being able to put mansanilla on it hoping it may help since I have no other medicine at hand at home that I could think of then and I really did not expect it to ache again when we got to the church. I told hubby about it and what I did was just to flex my foot up and try to bear the pain on my knee until the pain slowly went away. Among other concerns inside me, I don't know but I could not help but shed a few tears especially when I heard my fave religious song that is really touching.

I left the church thankful after the mass ended. Thankful really that the pain in my left knee was almost gone. When we got home I put some mansanilla on it not really sure if it would be of any help. Now at least the pain almost not there anymore. The spot just feels a little bit sore. I pray whatever caused that pain will go away and never come back. Thank you LORD!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Protect Uniforms

One of my cousins used to play for a band and it would not be a surprise if one of her sons would be playing for the band as well. We met recently and they were out for a fitting for a new band uniform for her son who will be performing for a major inter-school event. 

They had a nice, new set of uniforms. I told my cousin of the idea of using one of those.... which could protect uniforms with the best. These vinyl bags are 0.15mm thick and are pretty well durable and will last longer than other thinner bags in the same price category as I have read in the description. They could bring it around wherever they get to perform to protect his band uniform since sometimes they would go to other places in the country to perform or represent their school on various competitions.

I actually thought of buying one to preserve the old office uniform set that I still keep in one of our old closet. Plus it could also be useful to protect other clothes other than uniforms that one would like to preserve and protect.   

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ube McDip

Try the Ube McDip from McDonald's. 

We just knew about this when we met a girl eating one along our way to McDonald's Abreeza. This one costs P20 for the large one and was supposed to be with crispies. They don't have available crispies that time which was fine with me. IMO it does not taste much of ube but just a little hint of it as you try to finish the whole sundae before it totally melts. 

Well it's still worth a try. You might even love it!


The little guy was looking for his old height chart a few days ago. I was surprised he still remembers it. As far as I remember we have thrown that away when it was badly damaged already. He said he wants to have one once again after they did some measurement activity at school last week.

I told him maybe we can buy a new height chart next time and he just need to be patient until he gets it. I might ask my dad to buy me one just when my nephew was looking for a height gage the one that comes in many shapes and sizes, in horizontal or vertical, and stock Digimatic height gauges that are very accurate and with various models and prices one will find the height gauge one needs.

I understand the little guy's interest in his height. He is growing and I have to say growing fast. I wish he will grow taller than my husband and I though.

Feels Like Summer All Over Again

The temperature the past few days seems to remind and make me feel like it's summer all over again. I thought it was just me but when I asked hubby and the little boy, they feel the same. It makes me think of going to the beach or to a clean swimming pool and take a cool dip in the water.

I want to take a shower every now and then but I cannot do so with my present condition. Yet that cool dip in the pool is so tempting. There are two swimming pools nearby and that makes it more tempting to head over there right now.

Maybe I can also use a cold iced tea drink when my tummy has fully recovered. Or maybe just simply open the freezer and feel the icy cold rush of air coming out of it to freshen me a little bit. 

Background Check

Hiring someone into your company or even just for your household would entail one important thing to do before finally putting them to work for you. One must especially these days do background checks for employment. Even if someone could seem to be someone who could be fully trusted, it does help a lot to do a background check. 

A friend of mine had problem with an employee they have for the past eight years already who was among one of their most trusted staff in their business. Little did her family know that the time will come when that employee would take money from them, the same thing she did from her second employer prior to them.

They never did a background check on that staff because she was recommended by someone they knew who also was her previous employer. They both did not knew she had a previous problem with her second employer about money which was in her trust that she took away. A case was not filed therefore she had no record with the authorities. 
Well too late but things had happened and now they know better than to do a basic or better thorough background check especially with those staff that would be handling sensitive positions in their business. You'd never know who you can really trust until they do something again.

Chill Out Wednesday

We happen to pass by the Food Choices section of Abreeza Mall last Wednesday and we happen to catch a live band performing a few songs for their Chill Out Wednesday.

Those dining at the food court area at the third floor between the cinema section and roof garden get to be entertained and listen to live music from various bands each week. This is an added attraction to the mall's diners making their dinner more fun and enjoyable.

We did not stay long since we have to go somewhere else. It would be fun to listen to live music performed there one of these Wednesdays to come if we have time.

Wires in Order

Time to put those wires in order was what I told hubby last week. I hope he does something about it soon. He has thought about using the wire loom that can be an effective and cheap solution to those who wants to put order as well as protection to those numerous cables around your home or in the office. 

I think the back of our TV in the living room needs to have that to conceal those unsightly wires over there though they are not really visible unless you really take a peek at the back of the wide screen TV. The wires at the back of hubby's computer table area could use one as well.

Whether it is under a workstation or integrated in a home theater set-up, this highly flexible conduit can attribute to a sleek, finished appearance by concealing unsightly wires which is exactly what I wish would happen soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


The internet connection seems to be crawling and I don't know how to fix it. I have three hours more to wait till hubby comes home and so he could check. I will just have to cope with the slow internet connection. At least there is still internet and we can still browse. For me at least I could still do some work before the deadline comes. 

As a friend would put it, it's better for it to be crawling than to have no internet connection at all. Now that would be so frustrating especially when you are trying to get some work done and you need an internet connection.


While most might be surprised if a home has no TV, well after being with Montessori I have come to know a few families who has none or if they have, they never use it especially for their children. 

Well my sister also has no TV at her home. She is often busy with work that when she comes to her own home at night she has no time to watch TV anymore. She is content with her iMac and that is where she watches movies if and when she feels like watching.
I think she is finally planning to buy a TV. I have been wondering if this analog pass-through digital receiver for the TV that I am browsing now is the one that my sister has been talking about the last time we talked about her plan to finally buy a TV set at her home. With this receiver, one can watch high quality digital TV broadcasts for free on your old analog TV as long as you have a converter box and an indoor or outdoor antenna. Well I will let my sister decide for after all it's going to be her TV.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First PE Uniform

First ever jogging pants of my little guy. We bought this at SM City the other day together with his new Hot Wheels rubber shoes which we also bought at the SM City department store for his PE uniform at the new, big school. 

He is excited to wear them today for their first PE day for the school year. If he was still in Montessori now, they don't have a PE class still in Casa 3 and no uniform so this is new to him now. 

He is now at the new and big traditional school for his Kinder 2 and hoping he will truly learn a lot of good things and always enjoy this new experience.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I keep looking at this stall at the mall selling silver jewelry whenever we get to pass by it. I wanted to drop by one of these days when I am not with the boys or when we are not in hurry to go some place else at the mall. As I am looking now online at these jewelry deals sterling silver bracelets I get to remember that stall in the mall. 

The last time we passed by, two men caught my attention and they seem to be looking for a bracelet to give to a woman. Must be a jewelry gift to someone special in the life of one of them. It is interesting to see those men shopping for silver jewelry for a woman they love and they have friends tagging along helping them choose the right silver for the woman they care and love.  

It makes me wonder if my man would still get to think of buying me a jewelry for a gift even a bracelet that is silver. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to School Shopping at Gaisano Mall Davao


It's back to school shopping at Gaisano Mall Davao for those parents who still need to buy school supplies and stuff for their students.  They will have a midnight sale this coming June 2 Saturday so that parents can shop longer and hope they can get great discounts to let them save money from buying school supplies for their children.

I miss shopping for school supplies when I was a young student myself. Seeing this then would have made me really excited to shop and choose my own school supplies. 

It was easier for us that the school supplies were already provided all in a school envelope bag (I mean we bought it at the school as a package already) after we enrolled the little boy in advance two days I think before the scheduled date of enrollment for their K2 level earlier this month. 

We dropped by here yesterday to look for navy blue shorts for the little boy's school uniform. They do not have his smaller size at the atrium display so we went up to the third floor. We got four shorts for him which costs more than we thought a piece.

As for the school shirt uniform, we have to buy that from the school since it has the school logo printed on it. His shirt size was not available during the time of enrollment. We need to go back to the school one of these days or maybe next week when hubby is off from work. 

Michelangelo's David

While I was looking for some electrical stuff to replace some things that need to be done so at home, I found something interesting... I found this one among the electrical switch plates that I was browsing at last night as I was looking for one to replace the switch plate at the bathroom. 

My sisters will really be intrigued if and when I would really buy this one for the bathroom. I think my friend would be more interested because this is actually a work of art that is famous all over the world and would be an interesting decor in the bathroom or in your home when you use this switch plate designed with Michelangelo's David. 

Would you buy it? You might not if you think of it with malice right? Just think of it as a work of art or decor and nothing more!

One Cloudy Afternoon


One cloudy afternoon, I noticed a group of people outside the coffee shop pointing to the sky and I got curious what they might be seeing then. When the little boy asked me to accompany him outside fro awhile, I brought the cam and took a pic of the sky. I do not know exactly what they are looking up out there but I saw these clouds. The one at the bottom caught my attention though because the flow of the clouds seem like they were being sucked in and there is a hole there near the bottom of the clouds. 

Were you thinking Thor would come down from there? LOL! 

For the Guitar

I saw my cousin who loves to play the guitar since we were young at an event in the mall, a musical show. It was a nice surprise to see him there since we have not personally seen each other for quite a long time.

We do keep in touch once in awhile through Facebook but since I am mostly busy, I have not visited or seen them for quite sometime. He mentioned that he was looking for something like that for the new guitar he recently bought. I have seen pedals being used by bands that perform at shows whether it be at the malls or elsewhere. This particular pedal gives a unique approach to generating those same lush swirling tones for the guitar.

Well I hope to see my cousin more often and I hope he finds what he is looking for his guitar.

Friday, May 04, 2012



We bought these marshmallows (colored since there were no white ones which we would prefer or those small or smaller ones than these) at Robinson's Supermarket. We wanted to try adding more of it into the hot double chocolate that hubby and I love to drink recently at one of our coffee shops. 

Our little boy really loved the idea. He even said he will make it like a Junior MasterChef! He likes that show and he is inspired by it to cook, prepare food or even drinks at home or anywhere. Even with just dropping the mallows into the hot chocolate he told me he is mixing it with chocolate like what he hears from and what the "kuyas" do at that show at certain times.

Being Up Early

Being up early in the morning allows me to work more with focus on what needs to be done here at home while the little boy is still in dreamland. I got to canvass for some stuff that my dear sister asked me as a favor for her, plus I was able to find time as well to check on those annuities quotes that one of my elder sisters and my mom was asking me to look into. 

I also got to go through some papers that I had to sort and throw out to lessen the mess on my old table. Speaking of the old table, I suddenly started thinking whether I should finally dispose of it or not as hubby suggested in the first place when we got my new working and dining table in one. So far the old table can still be very useful though the two drawers had been damaged already. I will give it some time to be more useful still while we have kept it inside the unused bedroom in the house.

Coffee Beans

I love the smell of coffee! There is something in it that wakes me up of my senses especially when I start to feel sleepy and tired. 

I thought about coffee when I saw this photo on our files and how nice it would be to have that  the house filled with that coffee aroma. Hubby must have taken it yesterday while the little boy and I went out of CBTL for awhile. 

I would love to smell that flavorful coffee aroma when I wake up each morning! Maybe it's time to have a cup of coffee when hubby comes home from work in awhile. A cup of coffee shared with a loved one makes it all worth the while. *wink*


It is good to know that most supermarkets in the city now have this scanner that customers can freely use on their own. But the mall where we used to do our grocery a few years back probably need to replace the scanner they placed at the center of the supermarket for customer to use in checking the price of items that may not have any tag price on it. It is no longer working and the little boy, who loves to do that task of scanning items to know how much they cost, was the one who found out that it was not working anymore.

Having a barcode scanner has been helpful like for us customers to know the price of untagged items at the grocery before proceeding to the cashier and checkout counter. I don't want to be surprised if not shocked of the price of an item I am not familiar with the price range. There was one time that we bought a toothbrush for the little boy and was I surprised to find out it cost almost four times the price of the usual toothbrush that we used to buy for him. Good thing now we can scan the items first to let us decide if we want to buy it or not. It also makes the process of checking out and paying the grocery items faster these days.

Monday, April 30, 2012

New Blogger Look

I have been hearing from other blogger still using Blogger about its new look. It is only now that I get to see it for myself. I think I have seen this before but just did not use it since I chose the old look. I have yet to explore if there are any new and interesting features. 

So far it seems okay and user- friendly. I am still getting used to the look though. The more I update this Blogger blog then that would give me a chance to get used to this new look more. After years of using the old look, this new one makes me think a little bit as if I am using a whole new platform.


Last month, I remember the little boy persistently asking from us to buy him a yoyo. I saw this duncan raptor yoyo only recently and when he saw it too, he got curious and was asking me to buy this kind of yoyo. It sure looks similar to the Chinese yoyo that I have browsed at recently. 

It is interesting to know that this unique yoyo is made from aircraft grade aluminum for perfect balance.I have not personally seen or played with this kind of yoyo my entire life. It would be nice to actually try playing with one of those. My young nephews would be interested and excited to try playing this one as well. I wonder if I could find a local supplier around town for this kind of yoyo. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot Summer Afternoon

It is another hot summer afternoon. Happy are those who had clothes to dry after doing their laundry this morning. I am sure their clothes are dry by now. LOL! It is really so hot outside here. Thank goodness for this weather when we have clothes to dry for they won't smell just like when it rains and they don't get to dry well fast.

Anyway, we are off to a birthday party in awhile. I hope it won't rain later this afternoon or early evening. That is the kind of weather we had yesterday. I just wish for a nice weather and a fun afternoon especially for the little boy who was invited to the birthday party of his classmate at a playhouse we have not yet visited since it opened late last year. Now we can get to go there with a purpose.

Enjoy your summer afternoon!

Bunk Bed

Yesterday we were in a local furniture store and after looking for a dining set I have in mind and not finding it on stock, we went around and saw some nice, quality bunk beds that are very ideal for a kid's bedroom. They were just priced that is out of our budget. But I wish I can save up something and buy one for our little boy's bedroom.

I actually found nicer bunk beds at recently. I wish the local stores will have their beds available. I have my eyes set on their Hammond bright white twin over twin bunk bed with two free mattresses. It is in color blue which is perfect for the little boy's bedroom.

There is another one I found, this one shown below that I may prefer since there is an extra pull out bed which would be perfect for the three of us.

The little boy can sleep on top while hubby and I could use the bed below. Or to be more safe, the little boy can sleep on the bed below while hubby and I can sleep on the pull out bed. Hope to find more nicer designs of this bunk bed. It'll save some space. There is one which has storage sections on the bottom. That could also be a good choice for a bunk bed.