Monday, December 26, 2011

No Fireworks and Firecrackers

Our city implements ban on fireworks and firecrackers. This has been implemented for many years now since 2002. Watching the news now, the people of the city have adjusted over the years and are grateful for this ban because it has spared a lot of people from so many injuries related to firecrackers and a few casualties. 

The news now is reporting a young man somewhere in Bulacan I think who might lose one of his leg due to a firecracker-related accident. We have been spared from this kind of news here in our city for 10 years now. Though at first it was kind of difficult not to even see fireworks display during Christmas and especially during New Year but we have learned to adjust and appreciate that the ban is indeed for the people's safety and well being. No more firecracker scared kids and adults anymore hiding in their homes during these holidays. We have a more peaceful and quiet way of celebrating Christmas and New Year here in the city and we have been liking it that way.

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