Monday, December 26, 2011

Rainy Days

Rainy days are here after Christmas day. An LPA or low pressure area lying over Mindanao has been causing these rain and bed weather days ahead. It is not that easy to work during the holidays while having a bed weather day. My eyes are drooping now and our bed or even our two-seater sofa are all calling out to me - SLEEP!

But I cannot just do that because I had a weekend break during the Christmas weekend. I have to work, earn moolah and make my mind work though I find myself taking quick naps in front of my lappy catching a few winks. The delicious chocolate cake didn't help. I still feel sleepy the more I look outside the window and see the rain slowly falling. Yawn! Wake me up during these rainy days.

Airport Play Set

The little boy got an airport play set as our Christmas gift, actually our third since he got two other gifts this December from us as our gifts to him. He chose it himself when we went to Toy Kingdom at SM after our simple Christmas meal and get together with my family and their respective families at Bigby's yesterday afternoon. 

We have been looking at some model planes actually as he saw me browsing through those the other day. I know he would wish his mom would shop for those model kits from planes to cars while thinking of those collectors of such stuff. I wish I could too this time but maybe next time around but for now, the little boy's airport play set will be enough for him as our Christmas day gift.

No Fireworks and Firecrackers

Our city implements ban on fireworks and firecrackers. This has been implemented for many years now since 2002. Watching the news now, the people of the city have adjusted over the years and are grateful for this ban because it has spared a lot of people from so many injuries related to firecrackers and a few casualties. 

The news now is reporting a young man somewhere in Bulacan I think who might lose one of his leg due to a firecracker-related accident. We have been spared from this kind of news here in our city for 10 years now. Though at first it was kind of difficult not to even see fireworks display during Christmas and especially during New Year but we have learned to adjust and appreciate that the ban is indeed for the people's safety and well being. No more firecracker scared kids and adults anymore hiding in their homes during these holidays. We have a more peaceful and quiet way of celebrating Christmas and New Year here in the city and we have been liking it that way.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Professional Cleaning Services

If you think moms love cleaning the house on a regular basis, think twice. It can be a dreaded work at home that we sometimes think we have no choice and no escape from. Unless you learn to realize there are professional cleaning services like that of the Maid Service Ashburn VA which has been in services of many homes for the past twenty years in Virginia.

I know many of us moms and housewives just have too many things on our hands. For those moms who have health concerns, cleaning the house can just be too much to handle and accomplish on a regular basis. In as much as we want to personally clean the house and see to it that everything is as clean as it should be especially for OC moms like me, the body can just limit us to do the chore well. Do not worry because the professional cleaning services they offer can just be the kind of help that comes to your rescue that you may have long been looking for.

They have been providing many homes for two decades with professional cleaning services. You can get an instant quote so you will know how much it is going to cost you to get your place looking like new. I am more interested now with their cleaning services which includes: furniture and upholstery vacuumed, carpet edges vacuumed, and under accessible furniture vacuumed. I just do not have the energy to do these particular tasks as they easily make my back ache to be honest. I am better off leaving these particular tasks to professional cleaning services.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Red Ribbon

This is a Red Ribbon branch in the city. The cakes and pastries on display all look so yummy and delicious. Red Ribbon has been one of my fave bakeshops in town during this time. It was a real sweet treat indeed when we get to buy from Red Ribbon. 

Can you give a wild guess as to what year this photo was taken? Just for the fun of it! Let me know if anyone wants to make a guess, just leave a comment below. 

Guitar Straps

My cousin is trying out to be a part of a band. He is playing the guitar as he had been as far as I can remember. I do remember I met him and his brother one time at the mall last month looking for straps that will allow him to distribute the weight of the guitar equally over his shoulder. I remember that guitar strap I found online that is great for heavy instruments and players with back / neck conditions. 

These musical instruments can be heavy on our body especially the neck and back. The guitar straps that my dear cousin wanted was one that will make it a lot easier to carry the guitar and make him a lot comfortable in playing it. Hope we was able to find a nice one. Will ask him about it when we do meet again.