Friday, November 04, 2011

Mom's Birthday Coming Up

My dear mommy's birthday is coming up pretty soon! I was thinking of giving her something as a little gift. I then found these titanium earrings that reminded of those pair of earrings before similar to the one that one of my elder sisters used to wear and which we know she liked to borrow. Maybe I could get her a pair like that or maybe one of my dear elder sisters will be willing to share and chip in for this gift.

I know mom would love it since she wears earrings though she is not much into jewelries and material stuff. The design of the earrings are simple yet beautiful and elegant still. I could use one pair for me if only someone generous would buy me a pair. I would never say no! But since it is mom's birthday coming up and not mine, so if I'd get a pair it would be for mom and not for me.

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