Monday, November 14, 2011

Making His Own Biscuit Spread

The little boy is making his own "biscuit spread" without demanding from me now. He is either really hungry or the serious adult like talk that I had with him explaining that he need not demand for it anymore when he can make it by himself. I am busy doing some work aside from doing the colored clothes laundry in between. I want to finish my work (I wish) before tomorrow so that I can be free for our own weekend.

While I was working, I saw him at the dining table seriously making his snacks without even calling out to me anymore or even asking for assistance. Yes he can be kulit at times but I don't want him to grow so dependent on us even on this very simple tasks. 

The school emphasizes prepared environment which I try to tell hubby does not mean that we have to prepare the biscuit with spread ourselves. I am happy with my four year old boy now. See he is peacefully eating his snacks while watching Dora now. He never called out to me anymore because he knows am busy as I told him before. I even asked him to help me with the laundry (which is not actually what I meant) but I think it worked and made him realize, he'd rather prepare the food himself because I am honestly busy now.

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