Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Fruit Baskets

Christmas Fruit Baskets were already on display at the Robinson's supermarket last weekend. The supermarkets are well on the way of preparing what consumers need for this Christmas holiday season when it comes to shopping. 

This could also be good for prizes or giveaways for your Christmas parties. I am sure guests or company employees will appreciate getting these fruit baskets. Better than nothing at all, right?

Graduation Gift

Time flies and soon my eldest niece would be graduating from high school. I was reminded more about it when I found these high school graduation gifts and mind you compared to my time, these gifts are techie gifts for the graduates. Choose between digital camera, Apple iPod nano, iPod clock radios, digital picture frame, camcorder, or simply an SD card.

How I wish these were the kind of graduation gift that one gets during my time. I might have asked for a digital camera or better a DSLR from my parents when I graduated as the Salutatorian in our class. Not bragging about it but personally I may have stood a good chance to ask for that graduation gift in mind. What do you think? *Wink*

Unattended Box

First time that I saw an unattended box in this mall. It gave a little scare at first. I noticed it as soon as the guard cautiously went to this stall where the box was left with no one standing near it watching it. If the man carrying this was only cautious for this could have caused a scare. I was standing literally near it waiting for hubby after he was done paying the bills upstairs while I went for a bank errand. 

This guy beside the guard must have instantly owned the box as belonging to him. Otherwise the security might have called for a bomb squad to check on it. So if you have boxes with you like this and you leave it unattended, please keep in mind that you may cause unnecessary alarm on the people in the mall or anywhere else. And that is no joke!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Furnished Apartments

I am once again thinking of looking for a permanent house  for us to live in within the city that has a nice location and good water supply plus more important that we will be able to easily connect to internet service similar to the one we have now. 

Getting one of those furnished apartments would be great if there is one we can hopefully have as our very own. I sometimes do wish we could find one like those from DabneyProperties that we can actually buy. Browsing through their fully furnished corporate apartments, condominiums, and townhomes as well as temporary housing solutions where you can have a stay lasting a month and longer, the thought of living in our own home finally would be a dream come true. Their furnished apartments are ideal place to stay whether you may be in vacation with the family and friends or in a month long business trip.

We love the place we are staying right now due to convenience of its location. However living in your own place also has its pros and benefits that I wish we can make the most of may it be a furnished apartment or town home as long as it is our very own.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Backup of Videos

Speaking of videos, I wonder where we can find a good place to upload videos for online backup. If there is one that has this kind of service similar to what Flickr provides to some people where they can upload their photos for free. I don't have the budget yet to finance this need for now. I do appreciate though if I could find one that offers the service for free. Is there anything still free these days? Yes there is still a few things for free! And I wish there is one for backup of videos.

Christmas Music Videos

It will be Christmas in a month and yes I would love to fill the house with Christmas music in the air. I found a link to Michael Buble's music video Santa Claus is Coming to Town yesterday. 

I wish we can just download those videos when I saw this best video download that says you can easily download videos from YouTube inMP3, AAC, MPEG, FLV, and HD formats in lightning fast download speed. But of course you should keep in mind this is okay as long as the materials are not copyrighted that is. It can let you play those Christmas music videos for keeps.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mister Donut

I wonder if this Mister Donut coffee in prepared cups taste good. We just happen to discover this exactly a month ago yet until now we have not tried this. Maybe I'll try one out of curiosity on its taste. It may come in handy during travel or when you're on the road and may need some coffee fix.

Anyone of you out there have tried this? Was it good? *Wink*


You may have heard of medicines used to treat people that have been reported to have side effects. I have heard of a few which makes it a concern for those who may be taking medicine just like this case of a diabetes drug that may cause people taking them to be diagnosed later on with bladder cancer. There is an actos cancer law firm that can help your loved one fight for compensation to which your loved one will be entitled to. 

There are many pharmaceutical cases that come out in the world which we may be unaware of. But if unfortunately someone you know maybe be needing legal help or find themselves in this unfortunate case then you know how you can at least help them fight for their right to be compensated.

Making His Own Biscuit Spread

The little boy is making his own "biscuit spread" without demanding from me now. He is either really hungry or the serious adult like talk that I had with him explaining that he need not demand for it anymore when he can make it by himself. I am busy doing some work aside from doing the colored clothes laundry in between. I want to finish my work (I wish) before tomorrow so that I can be free for our own weekend.

While I was working, I saw him at the dining table seriously making his snacks without even calling out to me anymore or even asking for assistance. Yes he can be kulit at times but I don't want him to grow so dependent on us even on this very simple tasks. 

The school emphasizes prepared environment which I try to tell hubby does not mean that we have to prepare the biscuit with spread ourselves. I am happy with my four year old boy now. See he is peacefully eating his snacks while watching Dora now. He never called out to me anymore because he knows am busy as I told him before. I even asked him to help me with the laundry (which is not actually what I meant) but I think it worked and made him realize, he'd rather prepare the food himself because I am honestly busy now.

Hot Tea

I could drink some hot tea from Mandarin right now. It's raining and a little cold here. I could use some hot drink to keep myself warm right now. Aside from that cleansing effect that this tea gives when we drink it. If only they  could deliver just this at home right now. LOL! Maybe I could just try to find maybe I still have a few tea bags left in my tea/coffee keeper. That would save me money and time waiting. Yes!

Lead Free

It rained when I was still deciding whether we go to the mall to watch an event. So I decided to stay home instead and look for a high quality and Lead Free Solder wire that one of the caretakers was asking us if we can buy for something we asked him to do for a home. I have read before about there is an issue of lead-free soldering that has gotten a great deal of interest in the electronics industry. These days in this kind of industry, we need those materials that are lead free that we can get in the most logical and economical ways possible.

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

We lost something that we have relied on for years. Hubby came home early morning one day recently and told me the bad news. It took awhile for it to sink in on me. It had been happening to many others and somehow we know sooner or later it will and might happen to anyone but we never wanted that to happen.

But as they say when one door closes, another one opens. We are still hoping it will be back soon. We worked hard for that and that reason given is something we will never honestly do. Bring it back please!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I Wish to Have a Garden Like This


I wish to have a garden like this one at home or maybe something nicer.The thing is though I don't have much time at hand and persistence to maintain a garden to keep and maintain its look like this. I wonder if hubby is willing to pitch in with gardening and maintaining the look of a garden that looks as clean as this. On second thought, if budget allows, one can always hire a gardener, right?

This photo is taken by my dear hubby during the Agri-Trade Fair at SM Davao on August of 2008 during the Kadayawan Festival. I want to remember who made this garden. 

Good Health

Good health is probably every mom's prayer for her kid and family. Health is wealth and so we make ways to keep ourselves healthy despite the rather not so healthy lifestyle that some if not most of us live in this day and age. 

Having good health is something that people with high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease pray for. As I read about the Crestor lawsuit that I stumbled upon through a mommy friend of mine,I hope that people will have good health that they no longer need to risk the possibility of encountering medicines that harm them through serious side effects that may be unknown until they have taken the medicine to treat those with high LDL cholesterol, high total cholesterol, and triglycerides. 

Let's pray then that we may have good health always.

Day Off

It's our day off and our own weekend starting today. It happens to be a special day for the mom who has always been there for me and my boys as well as for my siblings and their families. We will be seeing mom later today and I hope that she gets to relax and enjoy time during this special day. 

I am happy that hubby was able to negotiate and work out his day off to be scheduled today. He had a busy OT weekend at work. We are grateful for his work at the same time grateful that at least this year they have two days off already. 

Please guide and protect us Lord. This is a day to be thankful to the LORD!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Storage Shed

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon and the little boy wanted to go out. I thought of passing through that new building being constructed at one of the streets in our area. It has an interesting color unusual for me because it becomes the one with the most unique color among the other ones in that area. 

It does remind me of one of those DIY building kits from where you can find pole barn kits and garage kits to those fully constructed Turnkey buildings, garages and pole barns. There are many options available. I am looking into this with personal interest since if only financial resources are available and would allow me to purchase one that my folks could use more for storage because our folk's house has been more or less filled with a lot of stuff that they don't actually use. 

I like the designs that they have that looks simple yet truly functional for the purpose that I have in mind. It could save anyone both time and money for those building kits functionally and visually could serve your specific pole barn or garage needs. Or in my case, more of a small storage shed in my folks house that has been pre-assembled already.

No Preview

I am just sad that some old photos way back 2008 of our dear old D60 has no preview and cannot be uploaded for back up file. Hubby said this may have been the files then that has been damaged when the old hard drive was damaged. 

I wish I knew a way by myself so I can recover those files. Hubby is just so busy this week with work. I don't wish to bother him anymore with this but I am praying there is still a way to save those precious captured memories in photo files. I can just be glad there are still a few left that are saved but only a select few from each folder. Hope the rest of the files now are okay and no more damaged files. 

Friday, November 04, 2011

Mom's Birthday Coming Up

My dear mommy's birthday is coming up pretty soon! I was thinking of giving her something as a little gift. I then found these titanium earrings that reminded of those pair of earrings before similar to the one that one of my elder sisters used to wear and which we know she liked to borrow. Maybe I could get her a pair like that or maybe one of my dear elder sisters will be willing to share and chip in for this gift.

I know mom would love it since she wears earrings though she is not much into jewelries and material stuff. The design of the earrings are simple yet beautiful and elegant still. I could use one pair for me if only someone generous would buy me a pair. I would never say no! But since it is mom's birthday coming up and not mine, so if I'd get a pair it would be for mom and not for me.

Davao Blugre's Frozen Brazo... I Missed This!

I missed this Frozen Brazo from Blugre coffee shop in Davao

I wonder if they still serve this there. I wish I can rush to the coffee shop now but I have a doctor's appointment to go to which have already been postponed earlier because the doc had an emergency meeting.

I can only wish for now I am having this for snacks. I happen to see this photo as I was going though my old photo files way back July of 2008. Oh my! This was more than three years ago. That long! Oh yes baby I am craving for this now. Where's dad? Maybe he will let me buy one later after am done with the doctor. *wink*