Monday, October 17, 2011

Restless Night and a Weird Dream

There are just rare times when you have these restless night and those weird dreams.
I don't know if it had been the fast food coffee that I drank during dinner last night since I want to try it for a long time or something was just really bothering me. I had a restless night that had me waking up so early as 5:35 in the morning while I slept already past one in the morning. To add to that, I woke up that time because of a weird dream that I just felt like crying it out to release the weird emotion I felt afterwards. 

Good thing I was able to sleep back and woke up though still tired yet at least that weird feeling from that weird dream is somehow gone by now. Back to reality. It's a Monday morning and back to the daily grind for us here. Will try to rest later on when the kid is in school.

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