Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Girls’ Weekend Out

Everything lined up perfectly. My husband was going out of the country on business, a couple old friends were traveling and in town, and I had no plans. It was the ideal time for a girls’ weekend out. Here are some highlights.

First of all (and yes, I know this makes me seem old and boring), I couldn’t bear to leave the house before getting a few errands done on Friday. I polished the glasses, finally, watered that damn plant by the front window, and then cleaned up my husband’s mess in the garage. Trust me, he was never going to do it on his own.

Once that was all out of the way, I headed downtown to meet my girlfriends for dinner and some drinks. My husband called while I was en route to tell me that he had landed in Frankfurt, I think. It was really hard to understand him on that cheap German Prepaid Cell Phone he was using.

I met my friends downtown and we went out to a great seafood restaurant. I got the trout, which is a fish I usually don’t particularly like, but it was a special that night and it was absolutely delicious. It was really great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in, I don’t know, at least six years. Time really flies.

After dinner we hit the town for some drinks, just like in the old days. Then I took a cab back home (slightly tipsy, not going to lie) and proceeded to pass out and sleep until my friends called me at 9am. They were outside and waiting for me, ready to head out to the spa.

We went to a spa two hours outside of the city in a lovely little town on a lake. I know my spas pretty well, but I had never been there before. It was a great find. We got facials, went to the pool, hung out at the restaurant, and generally just relaxed all day Saturday and Sunday. Finally, sadly, we headed back to my house Sunday night, where they dropped me off and continued on their way. It was a really nice girls’ weekend out.

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