Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Ride

I can just wish for now that we do have a new ride. But I am so happy for my long time friend who finally got her wish for her birthday - a new ride all of her own. She was so happy to share the news to me the other day looking for me at Facebook chat. 

Her hubby first asked her early this year what she wants for her special day. She said at first she was really tempted to convince her hubby to avail of those rv loans so that they can have one of their very own without having to borrow that of her brother-in-law.

But when she started to go back to working again a few months after that she thought it would be better if she has a ride, I mean car of her own. Need not be brand new but as long as she can easily drive it to and from work where it is way out of her hubby's way to his own work too she said.

I am so happy for her for I know she had been seriously praying for it for so many months and she got her birthday wish! take care my friend when you drive your new ride around town.

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