Thursday, September 15, 2011

NCCC Cinema Davao 3D Grand Launching September 2011

 NCCC Cinema Davao 3D Grand Launching September 2011

NCCC has finally joined in the 3D cinema trend in the city. Today September 15 they started the regular 3D screening of the movie Avatar. Their price is way cheaper at P120. We have seen Avatar so many times. But hubby and I will surely want to try out NCCC's 3D movie offering one day.

We saw this poster last weekend when we got to visit NCCC after a long time to have a simple family gathering with my family for bonding and a simple birthday celebration for my brother. Thanks to SGTab for being handy in taking this pic. *wink* 

We may wait for their next 3D movie showing and we hope it will still be at P120.

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