Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have been quite careful with my diet lately. With dizzy spells probably due to having low RBCs lately maybe has caused me to look into my diet and reality check at the same time. 

Speaking of diet, the search for a good diet and ways to maintain a good one led me to dieticians and even Dietetic Technician Jobs. Those jobs are for those people who are trained in food and nutrition and are an integral part of the health-care and foodservice management teams. I wish I knew what they knew about diet. That will be something I could research on soon hopefully especially when I want to improve a lot of my diet and my boys' too.


Doing overtime now on finishing some tasks before I sleep. Need to sleep early but we are still up and about. I need to do work ahead of time to give me time off tomorrow. My sister just got here! Talk about being early.... to early for tomorrow morning actually. LOL!

Hope to get a nice rest so we can wake up early tomorrow. Praying for a good weather! Safety and fun! Already wishing everyone to have a great weekend ahead! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


The little boy just noticed that all the TV screens on a restaurant were mounted using flat tv mounts and it makes him wonder how we could change the channel. I told him they could always use the remote control to which he agreed later on. 

That made me think maybe it is also time that we have the LCD TV mounted. It would also at the same time give us more space in the living room to put another table or cabinet for the little boy's stuff since the TV will be mounted, we can remove the TV stand in the living room. I wish we can implement a minimalist look inside the house, more space would really be great. 



Only hubby was able to convince me recently to eat this after a long time. I am not really a fan of shawarma and often wonder why many people really like eating it. So one day, I gave in and knowing hubby was hungry I bought two of this for the two of us. I didn't eat all of my share and just shared it with my sis. It tasted good. But maybe I am just no shawarma fan just yet. It may take time but for hubby's sake, I will buy him another one if he asks for it.

Waiting for Hubby

Hubby went off to get our Access Pass for tomorrow's event. I did not come with him anymore because I would just get tired with the travel and I would rather do other important stuff that I need to finish before the weekend.
While waiting I was checking emails and sorting out through them, I saw the email from my cousin asking me a favor to ask one of our dear uncles if he wants some Dutch Master cigars when our cousin comes home in a few months from now for a much deserved vacation from work outside the country. Well in my opinion, he could go on and buy it for I am sure our uncle would love anything that he will get from our cousin even if it would just be a box of local cigarettes. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Case of Personal Injury

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Hate Late

Their box says "Hate late?" and On The Dot.

Well I actually hate late especially when you are running late for school with a little boy waiting for his pizza and it arrives twenty minutes late from the time it is expected to arrive at your doorstep. Then the delivery guy tells you that the pizza is not free even if they were late for twenty minutes from the allotted time of delivery. Okay!

Busy Days

Busy days are here with events around the city in time for the annual festival that celebrates a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. I wish I can go to every event in the city but with my hands busy with work too plus it is still school days. Good thing on Friday there will be no school for the little boy since it was declared a local holiday here in the city. Busy, busy days! Yet we try to have fun still.

Heart Matters

My sister and I were talking about heart matters over the phone the other day before she left for an official trip to attend a training seminar when I remembered about the Actos lawsuit. It involves the injured heart or heart injury case filed by those who had experienced serious injuries such as heart attacks, heart failure, and an increased risk of bladder cancer as serious side effects due to intake of an oral medicine for diabetics called Actos. The personal injury lawyers who can help them when they seek legal actions can also give them a free heart injury case review. 

I mentioned this lawsuit to my sister and she said the more I should take care of my health and my heart. We should keep in mind that these heart matter which may be different in nature somehow do affect any of us. So common rule here then is that we should take care of our heart because our heart matters to life and good health.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Floral Arrangement

I wish I can attend one of those floral arrangement workshops. I missed the free workshop given by a  mall recently. It would be nice to have floral arrangements as decors at home once in awhile and I am just reminded about it as I look into these beautiful floral arrangements from an online store that also provides a new way of sending flowers to anyone especially your family and loved ones. 

This particular casual design of flowers is one similar arrangement that I saw at the workshop's photos. Well you can also have it delivered to you direct from the florist of your choice in one online store that I found recently. There you can find custom designed flowers from consumer rated florists which makes these nice floral arrangement such as this one shown here. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Been Awhile

It has been awhile indeed since I last made a post here. Been busy living a life and with the little kid and school plus other life matters. Attending to the little boy after school with practice writing the alphabet letters, numbers from 1-36 (I have yet to buy a bigger paper) since he won't let me go to the next page. Plus just spending more time with him as much as possible.

August also happens to be the month of the Kadayawan festivities. It might become more busy this month. I hope I can blog about what goes on each day but just as a quote said... Life can just be too beautiful to describe or put into words, just live it! And so I try to live it though at times I wish I can still find time to write it down.