Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Camera

My sister got a new camera and I noticed it during the baptismal of my two nephews. I am just not sure if it's new or second hand. The last time we talked about the topic of affordable digital cameras just for everyday and practical use for capturing memories, we mentioned of many brands of digital cams including the camera casio digital among others. It's 14 mega pixels which is better than our LX5. Plus it can also serve as a GPS. 

My sis digital camera has no GPS as far as I know though. As with the GPS, it is for accurate geo-tagging of images. Your photos can be labeled with the location and building name when available therefore making it a lot easier to remember where the shots were taken. That's one nice feature to have in a camera especially in a place that you are not familiar with or where you are traveling for the first time. 

Speaking also of new camera, how I wish we could get a new one for ourselves....soon! Well I am gonna cross my fingers. But then again, there are far more important priorities.

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