Sunday, July 10, 2011

Money Causes Traffic

Well people are really attracted to money and when they see money even those scattered on the road, they would grab the chance to get it even at the expense of their safety. Well I just heard in the news that there was this incident when fake money caused a morning traffic jam on a highway in Moscow, Russia. We are talking of a ten (10) lane highway. 

Well to make a long story short, the money which made people scarmble out of their cars to grab was found to be FAKE! From what I heard no one was hurt which is really a good thing to hear because if there were, it was really not worth it.

This is not the first time something like this happened. I have heard a few stories about this before and I have even seen scenes of this kind of thing in movies. Well it goes to show people go to some extent when they see money up for grabs. Only in this news, the money was not real at all. It was in fact a joke made by someone.

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