Saturday, July 09, 2011


We got invited to a birthday party of the daughter of one of hubby's officemates. They got this nice and beautiful invitation. I have not taken a photo of it yet since hubby left it at the office. I love getting stylish and trendy birthday party invitations even for any other occasion! I have yet to ask the mom where she had her invites printed. I am surely recommending it to other mommy friends because it is really nice and trendy for a little girl's party invites. 

I hope hubby will be able to change his shift on the day of the party. If not we may not be able to attend with the little boy unless I have my sister with me that day. The venue is quite far and am not familiar with it. Let's wait and see but we'd love to be there to celebrate and I know the little boy loves to be at a party! He would surely say "I love to be in a party!" again just as he had said in the few parties we have attended this year.

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