Sunday, July 10, 2011


I missed the chance to go and watch an old friend play and hit some balls on the golf course in the southern part of the city. We met him at a friend's little and instant get together a few weeks ago and he just came from a open golf tournament to which he was invited to by some of his office mates and friends. I asked him if he had a gps for golf course to which he answered he still has to get one though. I asked because he did mention it first. I have been reading about the product online so thus my little curiosity.

Anyway, I wanted to watch golf too out of curiosity to try to photoshoot sports that hubby and I once talked about. From just looking and browsing through photo galleries recently from a sports magazine online that showed some photos taken at various golf tournaments made me think that it would be nice to venture into it not as a sport but a sport to capture through photos as well. Okay enough golf talk for now. I might as well take a break and be back online later.

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