Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Supplies

My mom was looking for garden supplies last week among which is an organic crabgrass killer which she will use in our little front yard garden. She is on her crabgrass control project at home to keep herself busy when she is all done with the house chores. I agree that she needs to do something with those crabgrass based on the last time I saw the front yard. Taking off all of the grass is not something she really wants to do. She just wants to get rid of the crab grass and leave the nicer looking grass in place and continue to grow.

Well good thing these days, if you are looking as well for other organic pest control products, there is always something you can find at an online store that sells environmental friendly lawn and garden supplies. I was able to recommend one for my mom so she will tell my dad to look up to it. There are still other garden supplies I have yet to find, I'll go check back on that list she gave me last week now. Hope I'll find everything she needs within this week.

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