Friday, June 17, 2011

No Drowse Meds for Colds

I have a colds right now and it has been here for the past three days I think. I wonder if it's really effective to drink those no drowse medicine for colds. I mean are they really effective in not making you drowsy? I wonder because when I started taking one, I felt more sleepy and my nose literally started to drip. Sorry for ther term. I had to have the tissue by my side all the time aside from trying to fight off the drowsiness as i try to catch up with some work here at home. 

There are aactually two choices for me to drink when it comes to these no drowse meds for colds. I am not sure though as to which one is more effective and does not make me drowsy - the Deco or the Neo. If I have my way, I'd rather just drink as much water and juice as I can rather than drink these meds for colds. But then again maybe taking these meds becomes necessary.

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